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    LordOfTheRams Guest

    Rams need to clean house of their TOs!!!

    Anyone who knows anything about sports knows that you cant win with players who like to run their mouths againts their teamates. It doesnt matter how good they are even a guy like Terell Owens gets cut for being against his team

    The Rams have done this in the past. They weeded out Kevin Carter for constantly whining about his contract and not giving his all. They weeded out Kurt Warner for claiming the coaches were against him because hes a Christian. The weeded out Turley for mouthing off to Martz.

    The Rams need to find out who the jerk is whos talking against the team and cut his @ss!!!! Plain and simple!

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    Haterade Guest

    Re: Rams need to clean house of their TOs!!!

    Yeah...that'll stop all the problems...Like:

    -Poor execution
    -Poor Red-zone execution
    -Poor pass-rush
    -Poor Protection
    -Poor secondary
    -Poor coverage
    -Poor tackling

    Yeah...get rid of a TO-like player and all those will be solved...

    LOTR is like the Enquirer of sports fans, big headlines with no substance.

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    jkramsfan Guest

    Re: Rams need to clean house of their TOs!!!

    get rid of the to like players and you lose,look at the eagles now, i am not saying that they should not have done it, because he really did force there hand, but you just cant start cutting people who talk to the media.

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    cashless Guest

    Re: Rams need to clean house of their TOs!!!

    That's funny coming from a guy who wanted TO on this team a mere two weeks ago(or less, too late to look it up)


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