The one good thing about playing on the road in the Wild Card Round - The Rams Won't Be the Favorites.

That's a good thing, you ask...

Yes, I believe it is a good thing.

Being the favorite can be a burden. Being the "Greatest Show on Turf" can be a burden. Being the defending Divisional Champs who have been to two Super Bowls in five years can be a burden.

All of these things create pressure, of a sort. Some teams can handle that pressure, or even thrive on it.

The 2004 Rams, on the other hand, seem to have performed better when their backs have been to the wall.

Case in point - the first Seattle game, on the road, down in the fourth quarter and... well, you know the story.

Same thing in the last two weeks (and, yes, I do realize the Eagles didn't play their starters). The Rams needed two wins and played with more heart than we've seen from them since the Seattle game to get those wins.

The Rams' attitude this week should be "We've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Nobody thinks we should be in the playoffs, and few think we'll win - its us against the World - just the way we like it!"

The Rams need to embrace the fate of playing on the road (and, on a side note, how many Rams articles and posts in the next five days do you think will include the phrase "road warriors"?).

Nobody thinks they can do it.

Time to prove them wrong.