By Jim Thomas

Wide receiver Torry Holt came up limping following a 15-yard TD catch against Arizona on Dec. 3, and has had his right knee wrapped every since.

"It's pretty much just some soreness," Holt said Friday. "Some tightness from the previous injury that I had on the knee the past couple of years."

Holt missed two games last season because of a torn ligament. After the 2005 season, Holt also revealed that he had torn cartilage in the same knee. Holt avoided surgery last offseason, but will get it checked again following this season.

"I'll take a look at it, and see what the damage is," Holt said. "See if there's any further damage, and I'll go from there."

Holt showed up on the Rams' injury report this week as probable, and did limited work in practice Wednesday.

"But I'll be out there Sunday," Holt said. "I've just had to monitor it throughout the course of the week, make sure I get some of the swelling down, get control of some of the stiffness. But I'm still able to get out and run. I've still got a tremendous amount of stability in it, which is key."

Byrd & Moss

Dominique Byrd had some of his best high school moments at the Metrodome, playing for The Breck School in suburban Minneapolis.

"There was one game where I had two interception returns for 80 and 87 yards at middle linebacker," Byrd said. "I had a receiving touchdown in that game, too."

Byrd, a Rams rookie tight end, was a huge Vikings fan growing up. Particularly when it came to wide receiver Randy Moss. Byrd wore No. 84, Moss' jersey number with the Vikings from 1998-2004.

"And when I got those two interception returns (in the Metrodome), I was wearing Randy Moss' shoes the 'Jordans' that he had," Byrd said.

With that in mind, Byrd's biggest high school highlight probably occurred away from the football field when Byrd met Moss. As fate would have it, Byrd and Moss got their hair braided by the same woman. Byrd was coming in for an appointment one day; Moss already was there.

"So I got a chance to meet him," Byrd said. "He was a real good dude."

Byrd's NFL highlight came last week against Washington, when he caught his first NFL pass, good for a 27-yard TD in the second quarter. He was greeted on the sideline by Rams owner Georgia Frontiere, who gave him a "high-5."

"That was pretty exciting," Byrd said. "You don't usually see owners getting excited right there on the field. For it to be my first catch, my first touchdown, it was a really good feeling."

Moss now plays for Oakland, so Byrd won't see him Sunday at the Metrodome. But Byrd's father lives in Minnesota, so he should have several relatives in the stands when the Rams play the Vikings.

Covering Williamson

How fast is Minnesota wide receiver Troy Williamson? Very fast.

Few know this better than Rams cornerback Tye Hill, who ran track against Williamson in high school in South Carolina.

"I've been playing against Troy Williamson, actually running against him, since like my sophomore year in high school," Hill said.

So how did Hill fare?

"Well, I was state champion," Hill said, smiling broadly. "He got me in my junior year in the 200. But I came back and got him my senior year. ... He's a great competitor. I played (football) against him in college, also. He's definitely one of the best receivers I played against in college."

Williamson played at South Carolina; Hill played for state rival Clemson.