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    Rams Open Full Squad OTAs

    Tuesday, May 15, 2007
    By Nick Wagoner
    Senior Writer

    Unofficially, the Rams have already begun their organized team activities. It’s only unofficial because the team part has not yet been complete.

    Last week, the team began OTAs with only the veterans at the workouts. After that, the rookies arrived in St. Louis on Friday for this past weekend’s rookie minicamp.

    Today, those two worlds will merge as the rookies will join the veterans for the full squad OTAs. Of course, some veterans won't be in action right away as they recover from various ailments. Receiver Torry Holt and tackle Orlando Pace, to name two, won't be immediately available for OTAs.

    Coach Scott Linehan said the rookies had a pretty good weekend, but reminded the youngsters that things are about to step up to a new level.

    “We did a few things they aren’t ready for,” Linehan said. “For a lot of guys it’s a dream to actually make it. But that’s not the end. That’s the start to a shot that you don’t want to have any regrets for. We ask them to really, really make a commitment to this opportunity they have. I don’t know too many people who have been good at this sport who haven’t committed every part they have inside of them.”

    Over the weekend, it was easy to see that the rookies’ heads were spinning. On Friday, a number of them could be found walking through the locker room looking at the lockers of the likes of Torry Holt, Marc Bulger, Steven Jackson and Isaac Bruce with stars in their eyes.

    In addition to getting used to their new surroundings, the rookies also got a rude awakening to the intricacies of the pro game. On the first day, Linehan estimated the offense learned and installed about 50 plays and the defense learned about 20 or 30 calls. On the second day, a similar number of plays were installed on each side.

    That was enough to leave most rookies with their heads spinning. But at least over the weekend the rookies had each other to lean on and they learned at the same time. That luxury is about to disappear as they do what they can to play catch up with the veterans.

    “I look forward to learning from everybody,” rookie cornerback Jonathan Wade said. “I am looking forward to Tuesday when all of the veterans get here just to see how they practice, see how they interact with each other. I am really looking forward to that.”

    Wade admitted to feeling like a “kid in a candy store” when he first walked into the locker room, but he knows he will likely be star struck soon after stepping on the field against the likes of Holt and Bruce.

    In fact, Wade has already been warned by friend and teammate Tye Hill of what to expect when OTAs begin. Hill and Wade used to run track together and maintained a friendship throughout school.

    Wade is excited about the opportunity to go against two of the best, but is also aware that things are about to get more difficult.

    “Yeah, Tye told me about it,” Wade said. “He said Torry and Isaac are the best two receivers he has ever seen and he said you get to get beat by them every day so get used to it.”

    One player who might be no laughing matter is defensive lineman Adam Carriker. Carriker was nothing short of dominant in the rookie minicamp and figures to be able to hold his own, even against the veterans.

    “I think the biggest surprise was how comfortable he was moving inside and playing in there,” Linehan said. “He never flinched, or ever acted like there was anything he had any problem with.”

    And that’s probably the best approach for all of the rookies as they prepare for the next step.

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    Re: Rams Open Full Squad OTAs

    Gotta love what they are saying about Carriker. Hopefully he can make an immediate impact.

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    Re: Rams Open Full Squad OTAs

    hopefully wade could be a perfect nickel back for us.... with hill, bartrell, and wade all young... the secondary should be set for a while

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    Re: Rams Open Full Squad OTAs

    carriker will still struggle at times as he gets used to the pro game,but i love this draft choice, i liked him before the draft and i like him even more now that he is a Ram,i think he will adapt and play very well this year.

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    Re: Rams Open Full Squad OTAs

    Jkrams was so thrilled when we drafted carriker that he vowed to consume 90 beers on saturday of the draft in honor of carrikers number on the rams. I was there to witness it folks, and he came awfully close. I picked jk up at the airport on draft day at 8am and he was carriker all the way. He kept me calm when jamaal anderson went off the board.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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