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    Rams Open Offseason Workout Program

    Monday, March 19, 2007

    By Nick Wagoner
    Senior Writer

    One year ago around this time, the Rams offseason was still coming together. The coaching staff was only recently put in place, the roster was turning over and most people in the locker room were only easy to identify with the help of a name tag.

    All of the worries and questions about how things would work with Scott Linehan and his staff in charge remained in place. As the Rams re-convened at Rams Park to begin the “voluntary” offseason training program on Monday, none of those uncertainties were on the minds of anyone.

    “There’s definitely less anxiety,” quarterback Marc Bulger said. “We don’t have to worry about putting in a new system or how things are going to run. We pretty much know the routine now. We can focus on just getting in work rather than trying to feel each other out.”

    About 30 Rams were in attendance for the first (and only) session of the day, with about 26 of the Rams participating in the actual workout. Some players, such as center Andy McCollum and receiver Torry Holt were in attendance, but did rehab work in lieu of the actual workout.

    Others, such as defensive end James Hall (shoulder) and linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa (shoulder), were not in attendance and will be limited throughout the program as they recover from injuries.

    Leading the way for Monday’s workouts were Bulger, new receiver Drew Bennett and defensive tackle La’Roi Glover. Most of the workouts involve running in short bursts (such as gassers) and lifting weights.

    As the NFL offseason seems to get shorter and shorter, it can be hard to get a good turnout for the programs, but as a leader of the team Bulger has made it a priority to be with his teammates for the majority of the time.

    “No, we want to be here,” Bulger said laughing. “It feels like it comes earlier and earlier every year. No matter what you do, I am here on the Elliptical and I can’t get myself on the Stairmaster, let alone going out there and running gassers. It’s just a way to motivate yourself. Maybe one or two guys can do it on their own, but I’m one of those guys that need to be with everyone else to push myself that hard.”

    Things have slowed considerably for the organization from this time last year. The Rams coaching staff has been in place for a full year and the roster turnover hasn’t been as big.

    Instead of learning each others’ names, the Rams are able to focus on the things that will help them get a couple of extra wins to push them into the postseason.

    “Every year is a new year,” coach Scott Linehan said. “Last year there were a lot of things going on with a new staff, getting familiar with our football team, all of those things. Our comfort zone on what we know, what we feel we know, what we need to improve is a lot better certainly for me.”

    One player in attendance participating in nearly everything is right tackle Alex Barron, who underwent knee surgery in January to have some cartilage cleaned up. Despite the pain in his knee, Barron kept playing through it and finished the season.

    “Sometimes it’s cool to check it out and see how far you can go with certain things,” Barron said. “If it was something else, I probably couldn’t have done it. If it was a different kind of injury or something else on my body, I wouldn’t be able to do it, but I just tried to finish the season.”

    The rest of the Rams seem to be healing well, also. Holt has been around the training facilities for most of the offseason doing his rehab and is coming along well. McCollum rode the stationary bike and did some more rehab on his knee Monday, as well.

    In addition to Bennett, the other new Rams present were running back Travis Minor and tight end Randy McMichael.

    As for bringing in some other new faces before the draft via free agency, Linehan didn’t want to rule out anything, saying there could be a couple of more players in for a visit or that draw the Rams’ interest.

    Linebacker Chris Draft came and went last week and could still be in play, but for the most part, it seems the Rams are turning their attention to the draft.

    “I think there could be a couple of options in free agency,” Linehan said. “We are pretty focused on the draft right now. We have a pick in every round and I think we certainly want to make the right decision based on what we can do to help our football team and address some areas of need as well.”

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    Re: Rams Open Offseason Workout Program

    I believe that offseason workouts decide who will win in the 4th quarter. Our high school football team was not expected to be much of a threat this year, but we worked out butts off in the summer conditioning program, and finished with an 8-2 record and tied for #2 in our division.

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    Re: Rams Open Offseason Workout Program

    Alright, couple of questions ....

    Holt is rehabing. Do we know the details on what he had done?

    Pisa already has a shoulder injury. How is that possible? Is he pushing too hard in the weight room?

    running gassers.....that is funny....


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