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    Rams ranked 27th in NFL Fan Value Experience

    Average Price Per Ticket $68.28
    Price Range Of Tickets $35-$275
    Ticket Availability Currently available
    "The crowd, as a whole, is polite," which makes for a good atmosphere to "bring the kids" but "a pretty bland" place to watch a game. "Rams fans are not passionate about their team and it shows" -- in their penchant "for leaving early," in the sight of "people on cell phones" and in how "sedate" they are "if the Rams are not running up the scoreboard." These "typical fair-weather fans" "sit most of the game," but others argue "the crowd takes advantage of the amount of noise you can make in a dome" "when the Rams are playing well." And in the crowd's defense, "poor lighting," "piped-in," "out-of-place pop songs" and "commercials the Jumbotron shows during timeouts and in-between plays" "totally takes the crowd out of the game." "It's hard to stay motivated when the PA plays the B-52's Love Shack on a third-down stand."
    SCORE 3 out of 10

    Hot Dog $3.75
    Soda (14 oz.) $3.25
    Beer (24 oz.) $8.00
    Expected Meal Cost $10-$15
    Program $22
    Cap $22.00
    "There never seems to be any shortage of beer at the seats, so that's nice." It's also logical in Anheuser-Busch's hometown. As for actual sustenance, "there is no shortage of concession stands throughout the concourse" either. "Food is very average" and comprises "little more than the standard fare of hot dogs, pretzels, popcorn and pizza." But there are "carts that line the back of the concourses from local restaurant chains," chief among them are the "superior nachos at Chevys Fresh Mex." Should you have the good fortune to be in the club level, "carved prime rib" and buffets featuring "Mediterranean, Italian, barbecue and deli" food await. For the rest, "the good news is that we eat real well at the pregame tailgate."
    SCORE 5 out of 10

    Parking $5
    "St. Louis is a relatively small 'big city,' so the traffic isn't what you would expect from a New York or Chicago." The Dome's location on "the north side of downtown" makes for a lot of "one-way streets," and surface parking space near the stadium can cost "a premium." Traffic is "spread out" by the "number of different highways and routes that converge in downtown St. Louis," although "the city doesn't seem to do much to combat game day congestion" "except for a couple of traffic cops." Generally a straightforward commute, travel to the Dome is complicated by "all the godforsaken construction taking place," an issue that "will likely get worse with the anticipated shutdown of Highway 40." The city's light rail system, Metrolink, "helps with traffic" and the difficulty of parking at a stadium without its own lot. "The Metro pretty much goes directly to the stadium," which "makes getting to the game really easy, "if somewhat crowded."
    SCORE 7 out of 10

    "Tailgates are disjointed from each other," a result of the stadium not having a large lot of its own and from the tearing down of "the biggest and best lot for another flippin' casino." Consequently, "you have to pick and choose from several smaller lots scattered around the [area]," from church parking lots" to "parks" to "shopping centers" to "garages." Many readily admit "the scene pales in comparison to K.C.," however it is still "pretty active." Some groups come in "decked-out" "motorhomes" and "set-up couches and TVs in the parking lot;" some "show up late, cook a hamburger or a brat and call it a tailgate."
    SCORE 6 out of 10

    Record through Week 9 0-8
    Players Worth Watching Steve Jackson (RB), Torry Holt (WR)
    SCORE 0 out of 10

    Outside of its St. Louis location, nothing distinguishes the Edward Jones Dome as the "home of the Rams." To some, the "stadium feels like a warehouse, completely lacking in any personality;" "to others the Dome "is a dime a dozen indoor box that does nothing to distinguish itself from a run-of-the-mill convention center." Indeed, "cheesy ads are blasted throughout the game, interrupting any energy flow," and "the sound system is so loud it is unintelligible." Lighting that evokes a cross between "a dentist's office" and "a large, finished basement" further lend an antiseptic atmosphere to the facility. At least "wide concourses make getting in and out" of this "clean, spacious" place "easy." And, most important, "the Dome helped get the team [to St. Louis], so we can't complain too much."
    SCORE 6 out of 10

    "It varies greatly," from the "bars, restaurants" and Gateway Arch of Laclede's Landing east to the "office buildings and hotels" south to the "generally poor, depressed area of town" north. After "blocks of old warehouses were recently demolished for a hotel, condo conversions, restaurants and shops," this "once-desolate side of the stadium is being revitalized quickly." And if the game doesn't offer enough juice, "two casinos are nearby," one right across the street."
    SCORE 6 out of 10

    We're not quite sure whether Rams fans were always this dispassionate or whether having their hearts broken by the Cardinals made them this way. Of course, we can't discount the effect of rooting for a team that operates as if it's directing fans for a movie shoot rather than a football game. No matter the reasons, a football team deserves better crowds and football crowds deserve a better atmosphere. With a team that has some of the game's most exciting offensive talents, the fix shouldn't take much more than a few key hires, especially in game day operations (and perhaps on the sideline if the Rams continue to squander their talent) to remind everyone in St. Louis that the game's the thing more than just another sideshow.
    FINAL SCORE 33 out of 70

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    Re: Rams ranked 27th in NFL Fan Value Experience

    Correction: A program is $5.

    The rest is true. Quite frankly, the majority of Rams fans at the Dome sicken me. I want to pee on many of them. Does that make me bad?

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    Re: Rams ranked 27th in NFL Fan Value Experience

    Yeah like the program being cheaper than advertised is going to greatly enhance the fan experience

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    Re: Rams ranked 27th in NFL Fan Value Experience

    It is a pretty good evaluation of the fan experience at the dome.....:\

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    Re: Rams ranked 27th in NFL Fan Value Experience

    I was quite disappointed when I found out the Rams were building a dome- I'm of the belief that football should be played outdoors in the elements. When I was at the dome, I would have thought that I was in an airport hanger if not for the giant Rams helmet in the middle of the field. I have said before that I was shocked at how lame the fans were, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt because it was one of the worst football games ever played. I believe it was Orlando Pace's first game. The Giants had Dave Brown QB'ing for them and we had Tony Banks- I don't think there was a first down by either team in the first quarter. At least we manged to win that cluster#@%*

    I have seem them at Giants Stadium several times and once at the Vet in Philly (which was not a pretty venue either, but it was Vermeil's first time back in the City of Brotherly Love and the fans were up for it.) I think he got one of the biggest standing ovations I have ever seen. I got to see Warner and Faulk break NFL records before our starters got benched and our backups came in and blew the game. That sadness was short-lived though as we started the playoffs a few weeks later and went on to win the big game.

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    Re: Rams ranked 27th in NFL Fan Value Experience

    The people who "present" the game at the dome are horrible. Terrible build up, awful songs being played during breaks, and just no clue as to how to pump the fans up.

    During my last visit to the STL I had the pleasure of attending a Blues game and the Rams should take some pointers on how they do things.

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    Re: Rams ranked 27th in NFL Fan Value Experience

    I really hope that John Shaw looks at this story and sees it as the humiliation of his overall body of work. Because all of it is true.

    Great article.

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    Re: Rams ranked 27th in NFL Fan Value Experience

    "It's hard to stay motivated when the PA plays the B-52's Love Shack on a third-down stand."
    Georgia must have picked out the choice in music...

    Personally, I've never been to the dome. I've only had one "dome" experience and I absolutely hated it. I went to a baseball game in the Astrodome years ago and it was horrible. Baseball on carpet is nearly as bad as football on a rug. No thanks. I'm just one that firmly believes that football should be played outdoors, in the elements. If they can play it in Green Bay and fill the stands, they can play outdoors in Missouri. If they don't want to play outdoors because of the climate, then take the Rams somewhere where they can. Just MHO.

    With all the horror stories of the dome the last few years, I'd have to ask Georgia if she still thinks she made the right choice in moving the team. This article just further illustrates the incompetence of the Rams front office, from Georgia on down to the guys running the stadium. It doesn't matter where you run away and take your team Georgia, if you continue to run it like you have, people will stop coming. We said it here in California, and it seems they're saying it now in Missouri.

    Damn, I hate what this team has become.
    Restoration complete

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    Re: Rams ranked 27th in NFL Fan Value Experience

    The Rams need to do a little thing in the industry that is called BENCHMARKING. They need to go to other venues and take notes of what works well at these other stadiums and incorporate the ideas in their own way at the dome. For example, I went to a Chiefs game a couple years back and I really dont like the chiefs but it was a free ticket and I had an absolute blast. The stadium is electric, people stand up and get loud, they play good music, and the tailgateing scene is the biggest party I've ever been to. Hell, the organization could take a short road trip to MIZZOU and check out the experience at Faurot Field which is another entertaining place to take in a game. Bad weather doesnt deter fans from a football game but a piss poor entertainment experience does. Tear the roof of that damn place and put somebody in charge of entertainment that knows what the hell they are doing.

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