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Thread: Rams reach new low in 35-11 loss to Whiners; The Good, the Bad and the (mostly) Ugly

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    Rams reach new low in 35-11 loss to Whiners; The Good, the Bad and the (mostly) Ugly

    And you thought the Rams were bad last week on the road at Dallas? After the debacle in Dallas, coming home, playing a beat up, shorthanded and underperforming Whiners team, knowing that Fisher had to be kicking serious butt this week at practice, you had to feel reasonably optimistic about our chances of winning tonight. At the minimum, you had to feel pretty strongly that the Rams were going to show up with a very strong and competitive effort and make it a real game. Patrick Willis inactive. Crabtree gone. Aldon Smith in the slammer or rehab. None of it mattered. The Rams were beaten, beat up and once again, completely dominated on both sides of the line of scrimmage, effectively giving us no chance to win the game or for that matter even stay in it into the fourth quarter. If you exclude the fact that the Rams have absolute nothing that remotely resembles a functional running game (19 rushes for 18 yards), no ability to get the ball down the field due to lousy pass protection, and no ability to stop the run (40 carries for 219 yards allowed), things are REALLY looking up!

    As bad as the Rams were offensively in the first half and as bad as we collapsed defensively in the second quarter, Tree made a terrific play at the start of the second half, causing a fumble which we recovered on the sf 40. 3 plays and zero yards and another punt later, the game was effectively over and we showed no pulse the rest of the way. We had a legitimate chance to seize momentum right at that point and we went absolutely nowhere with the ball.

    Bring on the Jaguars, maybe we can play them the next three weeks in a row!

    The Good (This is a real struggle)

    The early sack for Quinn was nice.
    We had more than one first down in the first half
    Laurinaitis showed up tonight. He had 12 tackles and 2 nice pass breakups.
    Tree is going to be a star. 9 tackles and the forced fumble.
    We managed one TD on a nice throw to kendrick.
    I continue to like Jenkins. Real tough guy and a major battler. Sure, he gets beat, but when you have to cover for 10 seconds down the field due to a lack of pass rush, its pretty tough on anyone.
    Hecker (11 punts) had a nice 59 yarder to the 4 yard line.

    The Bad

    I appreciate that he was under siege again (5 sacks and plenty of hits and hurries), had no functional running game, and some more drops, but Sammy missed some big throws tonight that really cost us, including missing pettis open for a td early and underthrowing quick on the INT. There were also two or three dropped balls by the whiners secondary that could easily have been picks.

    There is no way we are going to win more than a small handful of games if we can not run the ball at all. There are no words to describe how bad our running game is. Our line gets no push, kendricks and cook can't block at all, and richardson is not impressing me at all (he is not the right guy to be running between the tackles, i think he is tentative, he never moves the pile and he seems to have a key drop every week). We are constantly in third and long, and when you combine that with our awful field position due to constant penalties on special teams, it is a recipe for disaster on offense. Second and and 2, driving deep in their zone, we gain one yard on second down and have zero confidence in running on third down, leading to the INT which really killed us when they came back 80 yards to make it 14-3.

    Our pass blocking stinks. Barksdale got creamed by a rookie all night. We can not get the ball down the field at all.

    I have no idea at all why we dont go to the hurry up offense. Ray Charles could see that we need to do something different offensively. The hurry has worked for us in the past (see Atlanta), what is the hesitation to use it. I appreciate the problems the offensive line is having, but how much worse can it get?

    Our defensive line continued to be an unfathomable underperforming unit. They ran the ball down our throats all night, a repeat of the dallas game. we controlled Kaperturd early, but as soon as our pass rush died (ie early in the second quarter), we fell apart completely and got blown out. WE gave up 5 runs of 18 yards or more, including the backbreaker on 4th and inches. Our longest run of the night was about 4 yards.

    More stupid penalties in the return game.

    The Ugly

    Plenty of what i just put into the bad section could just as easily go into the ugly section, but lets try this-

    Third quarter offense, 13 plays for 7 yards. Remind anyone of Dallas?

    Finnegan is just ugly at this point, thigh injury or not. Why we didnt have Jenkins on boldin all night is beyond me.

    Key play in the game, 3rd and 19 from the 20 and finnegan gets beat for a 20 yard td with mcleod out of position to help. No way should that ever happen.

    TJ McDonalds injury looked ugly. I hope he isnt out for the year. He misses plenty of tackles, but he also shows flashes and i hope he doesnt lose an entire year of experience.

    The Jake Long injury looked ugly, but fortunately he came back into the game.

    Our complete lack of a pass rush is just so ugly at this point and i can't explain how we went from leading the league last year to nowhere this year with the exception of quinn. One sack at the end from Long, otherwise, i didnt see him make a play all night and they were blocking him with a tight end plenty of the time.

    How about the decision by Pettis to run back the 71 yard field goal on the free kick. That was a bonehead move by Harbaugh if i understand the rule correctly (and you could see how upset fisher was). All pettis has to do is down the ball and that is a missed field goal and we get the ball with 4 seconds left in the half at the spot of the missed kick, which was the whiner 39 yard line. That would be a makeable 56 yard field goal try for the leg and could have given us some momentum going into halftime.

    Watching us try and block Navarro Bowman was ugly. He killed us pass rush wise tonight.

    Coaching. I already commented on the lack of a hurry up and that falls on schotty as far as i am concerned. I am completely blown away that Fisher did not have this team ready to play and that we were so absolutely awful after the first quarter. There is simply no pulse at all on the offense right now.

    Where do we go from here? Well, one week at a time is the only answer. Jacksonville is next, at home, and if we don't win that one, the season will effectively be over. As it stands now, any hope at a playoff run, 10-6 type season has to be seen as about the same liklihood as an immediate outbreak of world peace. I am not giving up on the Rams, only pointing out that we certainly dont appear to be heading in the right direction and the way we are losing is really discouraging. We are a lot closer to 0-4 than we are to looking like a team that is really on the way up, despite all our young talent. In short, if we don't play a lot better on both sides of the line of scrimmage, it's going to be a very long year.

    Ramming speed to all

    general counsel
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    Re: Rams reach new low in 35-11 loss to Whiners; The Good, the Bad and the (mostly)

    Spot on...

    But what do we do if it's a long year? That's what worries me. If we win fewer than 5 games this year, they won't have to move the team, the fan base will do it for them.
    "I've been saving the Universe for over a thousand years. I figure it owes me just this once."

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    Re: Rams reach new low in 35-11 loss to Whiners; The Good, the Bad and the (mostly)

    Always a good analysis but here's mine.

    The Good: Nothing.

    The Bad: Everything.

    The Ugly: See The Bad.
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    Re: Rams reach new low in 35-11 loss to Whiners; The Good, the Bad and the (mostly)

    Quote Originally Posted by BrokenWing View Post
    Spot on...

    But what do we do if it's a long year? That's what worries me. If we win fewer than 5 games this year, they won't have to move the team, the fan base will do it for them.
    WHERE the team plays is FAR less important to me than HOW the team plays.

    Who'd of thunk the offense we saw in pre-season was the actual offense we'd see during the regular season. Schotty stunk it up with the Jets. Looks like he's carrying on his work here. Time for him to go
    That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!!

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