The key is drawing the line between "spirited play" and "undisciplined play". With a young football team, that distinction needs to be made by the coaches, and too often this year, the message wasn't received. In fairness, the 2nd half of the year the Rams did a much better job of channeling their emotions, but yesterday was regression. And you know what?? It ain't gonna' get any easier with three tough, physical and fiery football teams within our division- now the best in football. Translation: to win, you'd better not just be skilled, you also better be smart.

Listen, the officiating this season has not been good. In fact, I don't remember a year where there were so many controversial (non)calls. My sole contention is that this is league-wide, and the only thing I really get annoyed with is when someone claims the refs are always biased against the Rams. This is simply slanderous, and it makes us sound like whiny little girls. ANY fan of ANY team could make a case for how they've been screwed. Ask Pittsburgh- whose playoffs depended on the Chiefs winning over San Diego yesterday. KC misses a field goal to win the game and a non-call vs. SD for stacking the line of scrimmage prevented them from taking (and probably making) a shorter field goal attempt. SD wins- Steelers' season over.

There is no doubt in my mind the NFL will have referee crew performances as a focus in the off-season.