Rams Texans

Neither Warner nor Bulger had a Rams debut quite like rookie Ryan Fitzpatrick's. Grade: A

Running back
Jackson topped 100 yards, but that's hardly man-bites-dog news against Houston's defense. Grade: B

Big plays by Holt, Bruce and Curtis eventually did in Houston's overmatched secondary. Grade: B

Offensive line
Patchwork group finally gave Fitzpatrick enough time, but only after yielding seven sacks. Grade: C-

Defensive line
A decent job on run defense, but where's the pass rush? Grade: D+

Tinoisamoa's interception got the fourth-quarter comeback started. Grade: B

Andre Johnson had a field day working against Rams cornerback Chris Johnson. Grade: D

Special teams
Onside kick recovery and Wilkins' 47-yard FG made up for pooch kick gaffe in first half. Grade: B-

Decision to keep throwing deep on Houston seemed dubious until the end. Grade: C+