Rams Giants

Grading the Rams after their 44-24 loss to the New York Giants:


Two late interceptions marred his day, but Marc Bulger constantly was in a must-throw situation.

Grade: B minus

Running back

Early on, a tentative Steven Jackson ran like a guy with a bruised sternum.

Grade: D


Minus Isaac Bruce, career days by Shaun McDonald, Dane Looker weren't enough.

Grade: B

Offensive line

Pass-blocking was surprisingly good for 62 attempts.

Grade: B

Defensive line

Not enough pressure on Eli Manning; not enough containment on Tiki Barber.

Grade: D


For the first time this season, linebackers weren't a factor on run defense.

Grade: D


Gave four TD passes; Plaxico Burress had field day.

Grade: F

Special teams

Two good kickoff returns by Chris Johnson; two bad punts by Reggie Hodges.

Grade: C minus


An ailing Mike Martz was just 48 hours removed from the hospital.

Grade: C