That is so true, MsWistRAM. Right you are.

No really, point well taken: if we had most of the Rams we'd like to see going to the Pro Bowl selected, we'd be playing a merrier tune about it.

Sure! Of course the event is a gimmick of popularity and promotion! But it is part of the NFL player's agreement, part of their season, a way of saying "good job -- see you next year" at year's end. The Pro Bowl makes good notes on their résumé, it's a good indicator of how a player is perceived in his profession.

Jackie Slater, Merlin Olsen, Jack Youngblood, Tom Mack, Roman Gabriel, Jack Snow, Deacon Jones, Eric Dickerson, Kurt Warner, Jack Pardee, Marshall Faulk, Tom Newberry, Bernie Casey and others. These are Great Rams that have been rewarded as such via this "official ceremony of recognition" or, "certificate" if you will. It's sort of a seal of success.

Is it only relative? Yes, but respected nevertheless.

True again, sometimes the selection process is too subjective and does not see in due justice those that should go to the beaches of Hawaii to play for a weekend. That is too often the merit of ambiguity in evaluating the heart of a person. Occasionally however, we get it right.

Whether it's the Heisman Trophy, MLB All Star game, Employee of the Month, NBA MVP, All Varsity, Medal of Honor, etc. Hey, that's how careers are made, that's what the BIG game is all about.