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Thread: Rams Rookie Progress Report

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    Re: Rams Rookie Progress Report

    High expectations on the rookie wrs..

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    Re: Rams Rookie Progress Report

    So, from just about everyone's perspective, both rookie WR's are behind schedule or maybe barely on schedule for Salas. Just what was everyone's prediction for these guys? I mean seriously, I think that they are getting both the short end of the stick and then hit with it.

    1. They play a position that is extremely hard to come in and produce as all but the best rookies.
    2. They were the 8th and 14th receivers taken!
    3. They had no coaching support until 4 weeks ago.
    4. Being rookies they've been fighting for reps behind a crowded front four of Avery, Amendola, MSW and Gibson. That gives them Lewis and Mr. Camp Arm as their practice buddies on the third team.
    5. They do pale in comparison to the Amazon Kend-L(I'm going to make that stick!), but I think it's more that he's something special than that they can't play.

    Before the Clayton signing, I figured that both would make the team based more on their draft position than their production, and as I said back in the spring, this draft was about getting guys who could produce in 2012, not 2011. Quinn had a year's worth of rust. Rounds 2-4 were receivers who take time to adapt to the speed of the NFL. 5-7 are developmental anyway. ALL of our draft picks are projects to some degree, we did not pick a single 100% "NFL ready" player.

    Salas and Pettis' talents were sure hands and good route running and quickness more than speed, but that doesn't mean that they don't need time to be able to work on their new route tree with their new huge playbook with their new quarterback. They aren't used to what constitutes "good" route running in the NFL, and while I'm sure that they are better than than the normal rookie(Or Crabtree still...), they don't have the practice they need to show the same look before every play, how to bait the CB's yet, and probably still round off their routes slightly like they could in college.

    At the end of the day, I don't know what could have been expected of them when they came into a new system as the 4th best receiver at best and then got outshined by a 3rd year guy(Gibson) which is when receivers turn it on, and by the re-signing of Clayton on top of that.

    And in their draft position, I'd expect a running back, offensive guard or center, defensive tackle, linebacker to maybe be able to become a starter, but anything else would take a really special player in a good spot to be able to stick.

    As for my list, Quinn's on schedule, Kend-L is ahead as I assumed that he'd split starting with Mike given the lockout, Pettis and Salas are on schedule for their position, Hines is on schedule given his draft status, Baker is behind because of injury, Nelson is on schedule and Williams certainly seems ahead even if he doesn't make the roster immediately. He'll be the first off the PS, though.

    To end this, please know that I'm not saying that Pettis or Salas will ever be a starter in this league. I'm just saying that at a position that 1st rounders frequently don't make a big impact, to ask a 3rd and 4th rounder to rise above 5 starting quality WR's is borderline insane. Truth be told, it's probably better that neither has shown a ton, because if we do try to PS one of them, they just may be able to get there and not stolen by another team.
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    Re: Rams Rookie Progress Report

    Your point is well taken, and perhaps it is unfair to put lofty expectations on Pettis and Salas. I think that what influenced me is that the Rams didn't start the offseason with any WR who had a stranglehold on a starting spot, and few who were locks for the final 53.

    Given that open playing field, I expected/hoped that Pettis and Salas would have been more noticeable.

    All that said, I hope both are retained and developed, as I still believe they have skills that could be helpful in the passing game.

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