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    Rams schedule looks promising - in early April

    By Bryan Burwell
    Friday, Apr. 07 2006

    Everything feels new in the spring. Hopeful. Possible. Promising. Limitless. If
    you can't dream big at the first hint of nature slowly awakening from a long
    winter slumber, maybe it's time to take your pulse and make sure you're still

    Everybody dreams big in the spring. Fueled by spring's boundless possibilities,
    this is the season where the best sports fantasies are born. Less than a week
    into the regular season, we can check the baseball standings this morning and
    all is right in Cardinal Nation because the Redbirds are 3-0. All over the
    baseball world, fans are imagining how wonderful life would be if only time
    could remain frozen so perfectly as it is now when everyone - even hopelessly
    doomed Cubs fans - can swear with blind conviction that they're No. 1.

    And now, in the middle of baseball's perfect dream, pro football romantics can
    feel that same springtime hopefulness with an annual April rite of their own.
    The NFL released its new schedule Thursday, and all over Rams Nation, everyone
    has the chance to ignore last year's 6-10 mess and believe that prosperity is
    just around the corner.

    Thursday afternoon, new Rams boss Scott Linehan resisted the urge to publicly
    show us how many W's or L's he had scribbled on his freshly printed schedule.
    "I'm not a prognosticator, I'm not a predictor," Linehan said.

    But you know he's no different from the rest of us. He has done it at least
    once or twice. Just like the rest of us, Linehan knows that the Rams' strength
    of schedule for 2006 is ideally positioned right in the middle of the pack, the
    16th hardest in the NFL but also the 17th easiest. He has to know that deep in
    his competitive gut he's wondering if he has the mojo to turn the Rams into a
    miraculous Super Bowl contender.

    But there are some pessimists out there too, who are a bit more jaded. They
    look at the schedule and see seven 2005 playoff teams on the docket. Maybe what
    they see are two dates with the Cardinals, who you fear have dramatically
    improved with their offseason shopping spree that includes Pro Bowl tailback
    Edgerrin James. Maybe what they see is another 6-10 Groundhog Day nightmare on
    the horizon.

    Here's what I see:

    A chance.

    I see the Rams going 8-8. But I also see a chance for so much more, if this
    team is a quick study and smart and talented enough to seize on the opportunity
    the NFL schedule makers have provided for them. Right now, the NFL must think
    the same thing. The Rams have a modest chance to do something that rises above
    break even. That's why they gave them one nationally televised game on this new
    flexible schedule. Call the Rams' Dec. 11 home game against Chicago on "Monday
    Night Football" a look-see.

    I think the folks in New York are at least curious about what Linehan and his
    new coaching crew can do. If the Rams can win their first three games in the
    Edward Jones Dome against Denver, Detroit (Martz Madness, the sequel) and NFC
    champion Seattle, then steal one road game from the very beatable *****,
    Cardinals and Packers (with or without Brett Favre), that puts the Rams at 4-2
    at the break.

    These are all humongous "ifs" for a team that hasn't even had its first
    mini-camp under the new coach. We don't know if any of the free agents are
    worth it. We have no idea who else will be added in draft. We don't know how
    quickly they will pick up Linehan's offense or Jim Haslett's defense.

    But like we said, it's time to dream.

    And the dream here is to get to the bye week in good shape, because the
    schedule is set up perfectly for the Rams' high-octane offense. Look at those
    10 games closely. Six games in a dome (five at home), the other four in
    mild-weather winter locales San Diego, Seattle, Carolina and Oakland. That puts
    this racehorse offense on fast tracks from the end of October through the new

    By the time December rolls around, we'll certainly know what sort of television
    commodity the new Rams will be: exciting primetime players or just more bad
    late-season repeats.

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    Re: Rams schedule looks promising - in early April

    Well, at least this wasn't all bragging or crying.

    He did make some good points.
    Here's what I see:

    A chance.
    I think that this is all us Rams fans are really hoping for right now. If the Rams turn out to be a powerhouse that steamrolls over every opponent, then we can start talking the 16-0 season, the playoffs, maybe even the Super Bowl.

    Right now, I'll settle for the chance.


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    Re: Rams schedule looks promising - in early April

    The Rams should have a much better year than last year. Seattle is still a good ball club, and I can see Arizona being better, too, but I think the Rams have all the talent and tools to make a deep run in the post season, and I think now that the former "coach" is finally gone, the chances of a 16 week Bulger and a 1200+ Jackson are very reachable. The improved defense should be very solid, and if the special teams are improved, I can see a return to glory.

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    Re: Rams schedule looks promising - in early April

    The Rams "should" be much more disciplined this year.. 8 - 8 is not impossible although talentwise we havent done much to upgrade over the 2005 team

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    theodus69 Guest

    Re: Rams schedule looks promising - in early April

    The defense may be a bit better next year ,but that is still to be seen. The O-line is still a sore spot. There are alot of questions to be answered. So to say the schedule looks promising.........All things look great on PAPER!!!!!!!:clanram:

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    Re: Rams schedule looks promising - in early April

    Remember how many great FA acquistions the vikes made on D a couple years ago? How did that pan out? All I am saying is don't hold your breath.

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    Re: Rams schedule looks promising - in early April

    What we need to do to get to the playoofs are for everyone to stay injury free......I want to see our rookies for last year to step it up......and Marshall Faulk needs to get more chances to play


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