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    Rams-Seahawks 1979

    The Rams and Seahawks were teams going in different directions in 1979.

    The Seahawks had won 3 out of their last 4 games. In those three wins, Seattle averaged 33 points and 350 yards a game.

    The previous Monday night, the Seahawks had scored their biggest victory. The Seahawks came from behind to beat the Atlanta Falcons 31-28.

    The Rams had lost three straight games and would be playing before a hostile crowd in Seattle's Superdome.

    But the Rams came to play.

    The Ram offense was awesome, rushing for over 300 yards. They had the ball for over 45 minutes and rolled up 500 yards.

    Ram QB Pat Haden was having his best game of the season, throwing 2 TD's and completed his last 13 passes in a row when he broke his ring finger and was replaced by rookie Jeff Rutledge.

    The Ram defense was even better. *

    Coach Malavasi designed a defensive scheme called "delay-bim". It truly befuddled the Seahawks.

    When the first half ended, the explosive Seattle offense had no first down and zero yards.

    The Seahawks' first play of the second half was a completed pass from Jim Zorn to Steve Largent, the play gained 11 yards, good for a first down.*

    For Seattle, that was as good as it got.

    The Seahawks never earned another first down. And they never got closer to the goal line than that, eight yards shy of midfield.

    The Seahawks at one time got their offensive total up to 23 yards, but the Rams kept sacking (8 times) Jim Zorn for losses.

    For the last quarter of the game, the only suspense was whether the Seahawks could raise their net yardage into the black.

    They couldn't.

    Jack Youngblood sacked Zorn for a 9 yard loss that would put this Ram defense in the record books.

    When time ran out the Rams had a 24-0 victory and held the Seahawks to minus-seven yards.

    An NFL record that still stands.

    Ray Malavasi was one hell of a defensive coach.

    Coach Malavasi was riding Fred Dryer thru the whole game.

    With less than a minute to go in the game and the Rams winning 24-0. Jim Zorn was flushed from the pocket and was heading out of bounds by Malavasi.

    Freddy pursued Zorn at half speed.

    Malavasi started yelling at Dryer.

    Dryer takes off his helmet and yells "F you, Ray". Ray says "F me F you".

    The Ram players couldn't stop laughing because their game film had Dryer and Malavasi riff on it.

    No sound but you knew what they were saying.

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    Raptor Guest

    Re: Rams-Seahawks 1979

    Nice history lesson. but one friendly correction.....the Hawks played in the Kingdome.

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    bloodnhall Guest

    Re: Rams-Seahawks 1979

    Your right and thanks. But, the Rams kicked Seattle's behind so bad it seemed they were playing in New Orleans. lol

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