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    Rams season records

    Plaguerized from 2 posts on another board but here for your recollections and enjoyment.

    There are so many records held by Ram players it's amazing.

    Most rushing yards, season, Dickerson 2,105, 1984
    Most rushing yards, rookie season, Dickerson, 1,808, 1983
    Most seasons, one team, Jackie Slater, 20 (tied with Darrell Green) 76-95
    Most PAT's, no misses, one season, Wilkins 64, 1999
    Most FG's attempted, season, Bruce Gossett, 49, 1966
    Most rushing TD's rookie season, Dickerson 18, 1983
    Highest Completion Percentage, career, Warner 65.58
    Most yards passing, game, Van Brocklin, 554, 1951
    Most consecutive 300 yards games, season, Warner 6 (tied with Young)
    Most yards receiving, game, Anderson, 336, 1989
    Most yards from scrimmage, season, Marshall 2,429, 2000
    Most yards from scrimmage, rookie season, Dickerson, 2,212, 1983
    Most yards from scrimmage, game, Anderson, 336, 1989
    Most interceptions, season, Lane, 14, 1952
    Most yards, punt return, game, Leroy Irvin, 207, 1981
    Longest punt return, Robert Bailey, 103 yards, 1994
    Most touchdowns, PR, game, Irvin, 1981 ; Kinchen, 1992; 2 ; tied with many
    Most yards passing, Superbowl, Warner, 414, 1999 (and #2, 365 in 2001)
    Most attempts, no int's, Superbowl, Warner, 45, 1999
    Most interceptions, rookie season, Lane, 14, 1952

    Plus there are many catagories where Rams hold the second best ever slot. A few are:

    Most pass receptions, game, Fears, 18, 1950 (2nd to T.O.'s 20)
    Most yards receiving, season, Ike, 1,781, 1995 (2nd to Rice 1848 )
    Most 100 yards games, season, Tory, 10, 2003 (2nd to Irvin, 11)
    Highest passer rating, career, Warner, 94.1
    Highest completion percentage career, Bulger, 65.02 (2nd to Warner 65.68 )
    Most yards gained, season, Warner, 4,830, 2001 (2nd to Marino 5,084)
    Most FG's, season, Wilkins, 39, 2003
    Most points, no touchdowns, season, Wilkins 163, 2003
    Most 100 yard games, season, Dickerson, 12, 1984 (2nd to Barry 14)
    Most consecutive 100 games receiving, Ike 6, 1995 (2nd to Irvin/Hennigan 7)
    Most consecutive games, receiving TD, Hirsch, 11 1951-52

    There are many others but man we had some great offensive players. I know we had alot of great defensive players also but there aren't many records for defense.

    We all agree Pro Bowls don't mean much,except when OUR guys get selected! Go SJ, Marc, and Torry!

    Some additional current Rams players Pro Bowl records:

    Bulger -- most TD passes in a game (4)

    Faulk -- most rushing yards in a game (180); so far above everyone else it's ridiculous. Second is 120.
    Faulk -- longest run from scrimmage (49) and second longest run from scrimmage (41) TIED in latter with McCutcheon

    Faulk -- highest game rushing ypc by a ton (14); second highest career rushing ypc.

    Not all records were while wearing HORNS but still our guys...


    GO RAMS!!

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    Re: Rams season records

    Its good to look at these records when we're in such crummy times...
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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    Re: Rams season records

    Always enjoyable to read about our Ramrecords, RnD! :r And you're right, they are plentiful ... and counting.

    It's true, the offense records in football normally outshine those on the other side of the ball (as well as ST). However, known as a "quasi" record are the 26* sacks that Deacon Jones had in 1967 as part of the formidable Fearsome Foursome [what a tremendous year that was for the Rams!**]. And that was in a 14 game season, which was the norm back then.

    As V6 said, it's nice to reflect on these merits during the dire days.

    *. -

    **. - Most points scored in the NFL that year, 398. AND Fewest allowed, 196. We lost only one regular season game. I remember, believe me, I remember!

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    Re: Rams season records

    Boy I 'm flashing back to that Sunday night ESPN game when Willie "Flipper" Andersen torched the Saints for those 336 yards.That game was a classic because the Saints were in our division and right on our heels at that time for the spot in the playoffs we eventually won.(This was also the last year that 5 teams from each conference went to the playoffs 3 div. winners got byes and 2 wildcards played on Wildcard Weekend).One of the most memorable moments in "Flipper"'s career happened against the Giants in the playoffs that same season as he caught a bomb from Jim Everett for the winning touchdown in OT at Giants Stadium and ran right out of the endzone directly into the locker room.Great memories!!!

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    Re: Rams season records

    You could also include first QB to throw for 300+ yards 9 times in a season... twice (Warner in 1999 and 2001).


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