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Thread: Rams-Skins game

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    Rams-Skins game

    Living in the DC metro area no one could be more happy that the Rams won on Sunday.

    All week long the local media here talked about how bad the Rams are and the Skins fans felt entitled. They thought the Skins could just show up on Sunday and pencil in a W with little to no effort at all. They did not realize that the Rams have alot of fight in them this year and no longer will be a willing victim to the rest of the NFL. If they wanted the W they would have to battle for it and if you look at the game the Rams showed they wanted it way more. It's amazing how these radio guys make good money talking about the NFL but show little effort in knowing what they're talking about. All they said all week long is how bad the Rams are but did not show any evidence or recognize that this years team is not the same old Rams.

    Redskins fans and the supportive media here love to hype up Skins and are just crushed when the team does not perform as hyped and expected. Many times I wanted to call up Daniel S. radio station and give them my two cents. Even after the lost they make claims that the Skins played down to the Rams talent. They refuse to recognize the Rams maybe a better team and that the beloved skins are not a good team. So much entitlement for a team who has not consistently won in the NFL in the last few years.

    Instead of calling them out and confronting them about the there delusional expecatations I just listen week in and week out as they scramble to figure out what happen on sunday.

    It's hard being a Skins fan and the future does not look good they have aging vets and overpayed free agents. Skins fans keep talking about your overhyped team all I know is my bank account keeps getting bigger due to Mr. Delusional Skins Fan.

    Go Rams

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    Re: Rams-Skins game

    Nice post! I live in Northern California and it is the same with niner fans. They can't believe that their team may not be as good as the local media makes them out to be. GO RAMS!

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