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    Rams' snap decision

    By Jim Thomas
    Thursday, Sep. 14 2006

    In terms of distance, moving from guard to center is a matter of a few feet.
    But take it from Rams offensive lineman Richie Incognito, actually playing the
    two positions is "two totally different worlds."

    "It's the difference between chess and backgammon," Incognito said. "Center's a
    thinking man's sport. You've got to react to what they're giving you. And
    you've got to let everybody know what's going on."

    So center would be the chess game?

    "Center definitely would be chess," Incognito said.

    And that makes the guard position backgammon.

    "Just let it roll," Incognito said. "Roll those dice. Roll it and go."

    Although there has been no official announcement, it looks as if Incognito will
    be switching from backgammon to chess Sunday in San Francisco. After starting
    at left guard in the season opener against Denver, Incognito got a substantial
    amount of work at center in Wednesday's practice at Rams Park.

    With Incognito at center, veteran Todd Steussie comes off the bench to play
    left guard. That puts Larry Turner, who replaced injured Andy McCollum at
    center against the Broncos, back on the bench.

    The fact that Turner was not around during the open locker room session with
    the media Wednesday was telling, perhaps indicating that a decision has all but
    been made.

    "I'm sure Larry probably feels like we don't have confidence in him," coach
    Scott Linehan said. "I explained to him (that) it has nothing to do with that.
    What's going to happen now is we've got to give ourselves depth at the
    position. ... And we've got to do our best as coaches to try to get what we
    feel, or think, is our best five" on the field. As in, the best five offensive

    Other than some work last spring in minicamps, Incognito hasn't played center
    since his redshirt freshman season at the University of Nebraska, when he
    started a couple of games at the position. As Incognito sees it, there isn't
    much similarity between playing center in college and doing so in the NFL.

    "In college, it was, 'OK, I've got the guy over me, I'm just going to maul
    him,'" Incognito said. "That was it."

    In the NFL, there's more responsibility to the position, because in a sense,
    the center is directing traffic by making line calls -- adjustments at the line
    just before the snap.

    "The center does most of it," Turner said in an interview Monday. "But the
    other guys help to alert. The line calls are the difference between Marc
    (Bulger) getting up clean, not getting touched, or Marc getting put on his
    back. In those few seconds before the snap, you're looking at safeties, how the
    linebackers are aligned. If you study the tape and you see what kind of
    tendencies they give you, you know what to look for. So if you get that look
    ... you know exactly what you're going to call."

    The line calls can affect the blocking schemes on running plays and pass
    protections. But with McCollum out for the season with a knee injury, Linehan
    is more concerned with simply getting a clean snap from the center to Bulger
    every time.

    "The important thing is getting that ball up to the quarterback so we can begin
    playing," Linehan said. "I'm not as worried about (line calls) as I am making
    sure we handle the exchange without any problems."

    Except for the 2003 season, when Dave Wohlabaugh was the center and McCollum
    played left guard, Bulger has had only McCollum as his center.

    "That was nerve-wracking having Larry come in" against Denver, Bulger said.
    "Not because I didn't think he could play, but just because it's a different
    feel under there. And you just don't know where the ball's going to come. My
    main concern when Larry came in was getting the snaps and not turning the ball

    Consistency is the thing. With a new center, it's just a matter of Bulger
    getting a feel for, uh, where exactly to place his hands.

    "I'll eventually find out where the sweet spot is, so to speak," Bulger said.
    "Andy would put it in the same place every time, so I knew where to go.

    "Sometimes in college more than the pros, we'd get a center that was a little
    bit right sometimes. A little bit short. A little bit deep. You've just got to
    find a comfort level. ... Hopefully, I can develop that over the next couple of
    days with someone else."

    For insurance, the Rams signed center Brett Romberg off Jacksonville's practice
    squad Tuesday. Guard-tackle Adam Goldberg, acquired in a trade with Minnesota
    on Sept. 2 , played two exhibition games at center for the Vikings in the 2005

    "The more you can do," Goldberg said. "I can also mop the floor and make a mean

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    Re: Rams' snap decision

    Center is a really valuable position I must admit Im a little worried.

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    Re: Rams' snap decision

    Quote Originally Posted by LaRamsFanLongTime View Post
    Center is a really valuable position I must admit Im a little worried.
    Me too. The OL was the area I had concerns about before the injury to McCollum, now those concerns are magnified. How we respond will say a lot about the team.

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    Re: Rams' snap decision

    How we respond will say a lot about the team. -- R8rh8rmike
    Very important, very true, R8rh8rmike! I think our OL warriors will do whatever needs to be done to not only "salvage" the situation but to step-up with guts and determination in order to succeed:

    a. Adjust to the player adjustments/changes.
    b. Keep OL penalties to minimum. You can do it, Alex!
    c. Establish, energize new look OL for the rest of the yr.

    Only 15 games to go. :O

    OL: "Let's win this next game for Big Doughnut Brother!"

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    Re: Rams' snap decision

    Not to mention, I believe it was a back up center that originally jammed Kurt Warners thumb ? As we all know KW has had nagging problems with that issue ever since.


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