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    Rams start fast 2006


    Home opener, we will be so up for this game, this will be like a must win for our new staff and players, win over Broncos.

    First road game and its pay back time. I know we won’t drop the kickoff out of bounds on the 2-yard line to start the game. Win over whinners.

    Tards in their new dome, hey it’s just like a home game win.

    Welcome back Mike (Lions), thanks for the turnovers and the lack of running game win.

    By the forth-game Farve will be wishing he were still home on the range win over pack.

    We are going to need a fast start the next four games hawks twice, Bolts and Chiefs
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    Re: Rams start fast 2006

    Thinking back on last year, all the new HC's I believe won the first game of the season. I could not believe how sky high the whiners were coming out for that game...thought it was a college team.

    I can't predict the season yet, I have no idea how this defense is going to hold up. It takes talent to stop offenses, and right now I don't see it. However, let's see if Haslett can scale down the reads and help the lack of talent.

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    Re: Rams start fast 2006

    tx, you bring up a big key; our defense. Its kind of hard to predict how good we are going to be or how good we are going to start off when we have no idea how our defense will be. If our defense plays like they did last year we could easily be 0-5 instead of 5-0. What I can invision is our defense playing better than last year, I just don't know how much better that will be.

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    Re: Rams start fast 2006

    any little bit helps though... you look back at those games last year and we lost on the last plays to san francisco, down to the wire before mcdonald fumbled against seattle in st.louis, also the philly game last year went down to the wire... a couple of rolls our way last year and we would of be above .500 going into those last 4 games of the season... we should of been 9-7 or 10-6 last year... bad breaks that didnt go out way last year, went our way in year's past...

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    Re: Rams start fast 2006

    Quote Originally Posted by bruce4life
    we lost on the last plays to san francisco
    didnt we lose both 49er games by a last play interception? I think it happened to Bulger and um..... Martin?

    our offence needs to do better on last minutes drives.

    oh yea why wasnt Faulk in that last minute drive against the eagles? he did really good when Jackson got injuried. But Harris was in on the last minute drive... i really think that we would have won that game if faulk was still in.


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