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    Rams still recognize Favre as among the best in the NFL


    Knight Ridder Newspapers

    ST. LOUIS - (KRT) - When Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre takes the field on Monday night against the St. Louis Rams, it`ll be a historic occasion.

    Favre will be starting his 200th consecutive game when the Packers (6-4) host the Rams (5-5) at 8 p.m. CST on Monday night at Lambeau Field.

    No other quarterback in NFL history has managed to start more than 118 (Ron Jaworski from 1977-84) consecutive games.

    "It`s just hard to imagine any quarterback being able to accomplish that," Rams coach Mike Martz said. "The toughness to play through all the things that he has played through, and still play at such a high level, I think we can all take our hats off to Brett and the career that he is having."

    As a quarterback, Favre is the consummate gunslinger. He`ll throw off his back foot, he`ll throw underhand or he`ll throw as he`s being dragged to the turf.

    "I respect him because he has courage," Rams defensive captain Tyoka Jackson said. "A lot of quarterbacks when you get around them, they are looking to go down. When you get around him, he is looking to make a play. You have to respect a guy like that.

    "Everybody on defense has to stay alert until the whistle is blown because he is going to make a play if there is a play to be made."

    Favre plays the game like a kid going against his buddies on the sandlot.

    "He just looks like he is having fun playing this game, and he`d be playing it anywhere, in the street, in the park or in the stadium," Martz said. "The passion for what he does is evident when you watch him play."

    Favre likes to talk a lot during games, but it`s not what you`d call trash-talking.

    "Every time I have played against him, and it`s got to be close to double-digits now, he`s always having fun," Jackson said. "He`ll talk to you. If you engage him in conversation, he`ll have fun with it.

    "One time in Tampa, he had like four fumbles in the first half, and I`m like, `What`s going on?` Most guys when you say, `What`s going on?` to them, they are going to get mad. I was trying to get in his head. He was like, `Man, I don`t know, I have to get this fixed.""

    Rams quarterback Marc Bulger admits being a big fan of Favre.

    "It`s always fun to watch his games," Bulger said. "It`s how he plays the game in general. He doesn`t sit there and overanalyze things. He just goes out and plays and has fun.

    "I remember one interview where he was asked why he threw the ball and he said, `The guy was open.` That`s been my approach. I have to respect that."

    The Rams have great respect for Favre, who has engineered 32 come-from-behind wins in the fourth quarter or overtime, including his last two outings against Minnesota and Houston.

    "He can bring a team back at any point from any deficit," Martz said. "When he gets on a roll, he`s hard to stop. You can see the whole team feed off his personality."

    The Rams have had success against Favre and the Packers in recent years with a 45-17 win in a divisional playoff game in 2001 and a 34-24 regular-season win last year.

    However, defending Favre is no easy task. You`re not going to fool him with anything you do on defense.

    "He`s seen every defense that has ever been played, so we`re not going to throw something new at him," Rams free safety Rich Coady said. "When he`s playing well, when he`s at the top of his game, he`s hard to stop."

    Martz said Favre`s strong arm and quick release are what separates him from a lot of other quarterbacks.

    "The biggest aspect is that he gets rid of the ball, and the ball is gone," Martz said. "He moves around so well, and they are very active with him in protections. He`s out on the edge a lot and there are an awful lot of play-actions."

    Rams rookie defensive lineman Anthony Hargrove was 8 years old when Favre broke into the NFL as a second-round draft pick of the Atlanta Falcons in 1991.

    Hargrove, now 21, said he is looking forward to playing against a future Hall of Famer.

    "It`s a dream come true," Hargrove said. "Watching Brett Favre when I was in high school and middle school ... I always hoped that I`d get a chance to play against him one day."

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    Re: Rams still recognize Favre as among the best in the NFL

    Favre is still dangerous if you give him time. The Rams need to bring the pressure early and often.

    Adm. William "Bull" Halsey

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    Re: Rams still recognize Favre as among the best in the NFL

    Squash that hillbilly right from the get go!!!!!! This is a major game this week. But also knew the Bills , Packers, and the Eagles were the beef of the second half. Even if they lose those 3 Ithink the Rams end up at 9-7. Providing there is no let down on the other ones. But I think a win is very possible M.Nite. Very,Very, possible!

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    Re: Rams still recognize Favre as among the best in the NFL

    Being amazed that Favre is starting his 200th game is like being amazed that his numbers have continued to stay at the level they have. Both are factors of the system Favre has played under. While the media is content on shoveling the super human image to the masses a closer look tells the real story. First of all does anyone believe a Quarterback could play in 200 straight games under a system like the Rams run (never-mind your Martz jokes, I am talking about the system not the fact that Martz is pass happy.) The answer is a resounding No. How did the ***** get through two decades on just 2 QB’s. Was it because Montana and Young were just super human specimens or could it be they also benefited from the system they played under? And is it just coincidence that when Holmgrun left the ***** and took their playbook with him the outcome was another QB that appeared to possess super human qualities or could it be that Favre has benefited from the same system that Montana and Young benefited from that is the “Get rid of it and save your ass offense” as Terry Bradshaw calls it otherwise known as the west coast offense? For the typical NFL fan its some kind of phenomenon that only Brett Favre can accomplish and you will have to excuse their ignorance because fiction sells more papers then truth.

    Now my apologies to Favre for lumping him into the same category as the two most over-rated over hyped QB’s in history. Favre has talent that tweedle dee and tweedle dum only had in the minds of their fans which is the ability to accurately and constantly throw the ball deep. Why? Simple, because unlike the weak armed niner QB’s Favre has a cannon for an arm and the guts to stand in the pocket if need be. It will always remain a mystery weather or not Montana would take a hit after a 7 step drop largely because we rarely saw it and we know Young would leave the pocket at the first sign of trouble.

    Question: Is Favre one of the best Quarterbacks to ever lace up cleats?
    Answer: I think so however not due to the media's reason of 200 straight starts rather because he can do both the deep and the dink with the guts to stand in and take a hit. Something we rarely witnessed with the over-rated niner QB’s

    Question: Is it some kind of phenomenon that he has started 200 straight games?
    Answer: No it’s a by-product of the system and some good fortune to avoid having any serious injury.

    In sum:
    Show me a Walsh style west coast offense (and it does not have to be a pure Walsh style) and I will show you a QB that rarely gets hit.

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