By Jim Thomas
Tuesday, Sep. 26 2006

The last time Adrian Wilson played the Rams, the Arizona safety was a one-man
wrecking crew. Just ask quarterback Marc Bulger.

"He ended my season," Bulger said.

Wilson had three sacks, one of which resulted in a season-ending shoulder
injury for Bulger last Nov. 20. But Wilson had a quiet day in the Rams' 16-14
victory Sunday. According to unofficial press box stats, Wilson finished with
four tackles and one pass breakup.

The Rams did several things to keep the lid on Wilson:

They had their running backs, especially Steven Jackson, scanning the line of
scrimmage on passing plays to account for Wilson.

"We were watching No. 24," Bulger said. "Where's he going? Steven was following
him, wherever he was at."

On running plays, Bulger had the liberty to change the direction of the play
at the line of scrimmage -- away from Wilson.

"It doesn't happen often in the NFL that you just run away from a guy," Bulger
said. "But this guy is that good stopping the run."

They threw more passes on first down, traditionally a running down, when
Wilson has more of a tendency to creep up into the box.

"You just don't want him to get into rhythm (with) your pass protections,"
coach Scott Linehan said. "I give our coaches credit for really doing a good
job of being aware of where he was, and not letting him be a difference this

Now, they've got to do it again when the teams meet Dec. 3 in St. Louis.

Upon further review

Blitzing LB Will Witherspoon was flagged for unnecessary roughness for a hit on
QB Kurt Warner in the second quarter. Defensive coordinator Jim Haslett thought
it was a clean play and shouldn't have been penalized. Warner appeared rattled
by the hit, and came up holding his left hand. Two of his next three passes
were interceptions, helping to turn the game in the Rams' favor.

"I don't think that was helmet to helmet," Haslett said. "I don't think it was
a very good call to be honest with you. Will got his head back at the last
minute. He didn't lunge. He didn't leave his feet. I don't know what more you
can tell him to do. ... But I thought that hit affected the game the rest of
the way."

Injury update

SS Corey Chavous (shoulder), DE Leonard Little (groin) and Witherspoon
(collision) were shaken up at various points of the Arizona game. They
continued playing, and their availability for Detroit should not be an issue.

The stat

With two catches Sunday against Detroit,

Isaac Bruce will pass Larry Centers and move

into the NFL's top 10 in career receptions.

Bruce has 826 catches.


"You take them all, every one of them. And you don't say 'sorry' for any of
'em." -- LT Orlando Pace, on the gift fumble by Warner that led to a gift
victory for the Rams.

Looking ahead

Mike Martz returns to St. Louis, as offensive coordinator of the Detroit Lions.
Will he hug Jay Zygmunt? Will he bring a cell phone? Will he throw the
football? We already know the answer to a couple of those questions, don't we?