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    Which Rams team will show up today against the Cardinals?

    Will it be the Rams with the defense that could stop a freight train, and the offense that keeps pounding the ball, scoring 35 points while holding the Cardinals to les than half of that total?

    Or will it be the Rams team that can't stop the run, can't stop the pass, and can't score?

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    re: Which Rams team will show up today against the Cardinals?

    I took the last option. I think we will see an offense that moves the ball more like they did against the Colts and Bears, more than the offense that played Seahawks and Whiners. Stacy will have better working conditions and Cardinals are one ofthe worst teams in the league against TE's, so I think that could be a good matchup with our TE heavy formations.

    On the other hand I have a worrying felling that the Cards will be able to move the ball as well. Let's hope they don't get a run game going.

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    Re: Which Rams team will show up today against the Cardinals?

    I think both Fitzgerald and Floyd will have big games as far as yards go (mostly due to the Rams penchant for playing a bend-don't-break defense) but hopefully we can keep them out the end zone. We also got to stay away from the stupid PI and Holding interferences that seem to kill us every week; we got to make them earn their first downs!

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    Re: Which Rams team will show up today against the Cardinals?

    You forgot to mention the Rams Cheerleaders...the rest of the team could have stayed home for all the difference it made...and honestly it would have made for a more pleasurable game to watch, a cheerleader battle...wager the Rams could win one of those

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