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    Re: Rams trade Carriker to Skins

    Frankly I think this was BS. His weight fluctuated as he was asked to play different positions, and he's in a league where he is going against the best of the best at their positions and they've been at those positions for years to work on their technique so its a no brainer in my view that he was doomed to fail. I don't think I'd label him as a bust, but a problem with the system. Many from what I feel are quiet satisfied with the current regimes view of "at least" get something for him...I'm not one of them. The first way to earn my respect in rebuilding a team is by getting the most out of the current players on your roster. A first round pick, that had injuries which isn't uncommon for a player that goes through weight reduction and increases. Spags is a D-coach and he can't work with a former 1st round talent. Wiping the slate clean, and saying "we're starting over," is a punk a- move. This team has been starting over for years! I'm sick of it. But whatever, what's done is done. Draft Suh, if May is there take him in the 2nd play him in the box, and in the third round go after shipley. I really would have liked to see AC, Suh, and Long learn under Spag for 3 seasons. But whatever. Time for the FO to take Bradford and "start over" by remaking the the David Carr story. What BS.

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    Re: Rams trade Carriker to Skins

    I thought Carriker looked awkward most of the time. He looked too gangly, like he was too tall below the knees. I remember seeing him being overrun many times, being pushed back with his knees buckled under him, like a catcher getting run over at the plate. He just never had the best of it.

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