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    Rams trounce Vikings- The good, the bad and the ugly

    MERRY NEW YEAR to all and ramming speed as we head into the off season. Please all be careful tonight and dont drink and drive. I never leave my house on new years eve, its the one night of the year that you can absolutely guarantee to produce every possible wombat on the road.

    This was a great win today. Say what you want about the pathetic vikings offense, their defense is very very competitive and for the second week in a row we TORCHED a defense that was playing very well of late. I think this was clearly our best all around game of the year, we truly clicked on all cylanders, even the run defense. Lets hope the win gives us some momentum heading into the offseason, it will certainly put us all in a better mood having won our last three in a row and showing real team spirit doing so.

    The Good

    As a team, we showed up in a basically meaningless game, played hard, and knocked someone out ON THE ROAD. We showed no after affects of being eliminated last night and that is something to feel very good about.

    I dont know what to say about bulger and The Big Boy anymore, so i will keep it very short. Bulger is the 2nd best qb in the nfl after peyton manning and The Big Boy is the second best all around back in the nfl after LT. Bulger threw over 500 passes this year with 8 INT's. just think about that guys. He is so accurate it is just unbelievable. If you take away the drops today, his numbers would have been even more impressive. As for jackson, the long td run was a terrific burst of speed around the outside, several of the short yardage runs including the short td run and the td catch showed his power. But, to me, his best play of the game was the blitz pickup when it was still a relatively close game. He read the play perfectly and executed like an all pro. He is a manchild of biblical magnitude and he is only going to get better as our blocking improves.

    The young o line was sensational considering the quality of the opponent on the front four. Nothing fancy, but they did a nice job in pass protection and while jackson didnt do a ton of damage up the middle before the big run, he was well on pace for a 100 yard day against the #1 defense in the nfl against the run. There is a HUGE difference between 3 and 4 yard gains and no gain at all and i thought the interior line was really impressive. The next time i hear someone whine about the rams recent drafting, i am going to show them a picture of setterstrom, a 7th round pick who will be starting for us for the next 10 years. Who knows how many points we would have wound up scoring if the game didnt get out of hand.

    Leonard Little was impressive as always, nothing new there, he is an all pro and its great to have him signed.
    Tye hill continues to impress me, notwithstanding the one missed tackle early in the game.
    Ron Bartell has a role on this team next year for sure. Very solid, physical and best of all, still improving. The athleticism speaks for itself.
    Best game of the year against the run, pretty good tackling. I dont care if they had a rookie qb and we were stacking the box, we still did a fine job.
    There is an ACTUAL PULSE on the Big Bear. Kennedy looked like he was playing for a job and he played well today against an excellent vikes o line.
    Wilkins returned to normal today with the 53 yard field goal. I will never watch the replay again, but i swear to anyone and everyone that the snap was off on the miss in OT against carolina. Wilkins has enough range from that distance, if he comes up short in a dome, its because the timing is off.

    The Bad

    The one kickoff return we gave up was both bad and ugly. I thought some of wilkins' kickoffs were too short. Its hard to find a lot of bad today. I will say that we blitzed a lot and didnt get to the qb all that much. We all know pass rush is absolutely crucial for us to address in the offseason.

    The ugly

    Another barron false start in a key situation.
    The drops by holt, the one drop by bruce and the one drop by aaron walker. Bulger throws such a catchable ball, i cant figure out how these guys ever drop anything.


    We have completed an improved but mediocre season, but we did it on a high note. Had we gotten in, i believe we would have been very very dangerous and could potentially have played with anyone. Our offense is clicking on all cylanders and can potentially outscore anyone. A turnover here or there and we might have done some real damage. However, as per my post last night, we have only ourselves to blame. We didnt beat anyone over .500 after week one and we failed to show up at home vs. a terrible arizona team. For today, i choose to remain positive and strongly believe that we will be a playoff team next year.

    Ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: Rams trounce Vikings- The good, the bad and the ugly

    Agree with your assessment GC...BTW...happy New Years to was nice to see Jackson smiling on the sideline. Should greatly improve his outlook going into next season. He wants so much to be the man as far as running backs in the NFL. We should accommodate him. Let's get an offensive line comparable to the one that got Dickerson his record season, and break it with Jackson. If we can shore up our defense to be respectable like we had in 1999, and get an offensive line to pass protect and make the big holes for Jackson, we will win the NFC West next year. Its not that far off guys.

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    Re: Rams trounce Vikings- The good, the bad and the ugly

    Good job, GC. Salute! :r

    I enjoyed reading your honest report and what you had to say about our players. // I did not see the game and am baffled to learn our receivers dropped some passes.

    No doubt we still have much to do as proven today despite firing on all cylinders. Special Teams. Alex Barron. Et cetera. // Glad we ended with a strong victory.


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