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    Rams "under the radar"

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Florio on Sporting News
    St. Louis Rams

    With only five wins in two seasons, no one expects the Rams to even match that amount in 2009.

    And that's exactly the way the Rams should want it.
    Injuries have played a huge role in the problems of the past couple of seasons. The fact that former coach Scott Linehan was one of the most recent examples of the "Peter Principle" at the NFL level didn't help, either.

    Replacing Linehan is the next latest coordinator to parlay a high degree of success into a head-coaching job. If the Peter Principle doesn't apply to Steve Spagnuolo, the Rams could be in very good shape.

    Playing with a hard-charging running back who's still in his prime in a watered-down division doesn't hurt, either.
    Pretty much everything that we've said all along, but at least someone else is saying it too, even if it is Florio.

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    Re: Rams "under the radar"

    being inder the radar doesn't matter to me, i like that, Bring it on.......It will be great to creep on teams that thought the Rams would be soft...let them take us lightly, they might get a huge suprise.... Dallas did!!!

    "The breakfast Club"

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    Re: Rams "under the radar"

    These days, its highly unlikely that any team sneaks under the radar. The Rams have been under the radar the past 3 losing seasons, alot of good thats done.
    Another thing! The NFC WEST should no longer be concidered a 'watered-down' division.
    Kurt Warner and the Arizona Cardinals were fingertips and toetaps from winning the Superbowl, the Seahawks picked up key free agents such as T J Houshyomama and did pretty good in the draft, The Fortyniners got Crabtree, Gore and new coach Singletary for motivation, as for the Rams the jury's still out, hopefully they can play every game with the same intensity that they played with against the Cowboys last year, even if its under the radar!

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    Re: Rams "under the radar"

    Somebody obviously chew into Florio's behind after a long succession of very ANTI-Rams posts. He has completely done a 180 in recent weeks and has nothing but relatively positive things to say about them ....

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