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    Rams vs Cardinals...

    The Rams, if they play like they have been, can possibly come backl and win the NFC West. It's funny because if anyone would have said that two weeks ago, or even last week, you would have been just plain stupid. But with these two impressive weeks, we do have a good chance. Just look at the schedules between the two teams for the proof:

    Rams (2-4):
    Week 8: @ Patriots (W/L)
    Week 9: vs Cardinals (W)
    Week 10: @ Jets (W/L)
    Week 11: @ ***** (W)
    Week 12: vs Bears (W/L)
    Week 13: vs Dolphins (W)
    Week 14: @ Cardinals (W/L)
    Week 15: vs Seahawks (W)
    Week 16: vs ***** (W)
    Week 17: @ Falcons (L)

    Toss Ups:
    Patriots: On the road, good team/Rams winning streak alot of confidence.
    Bears: At home, but the Bears have a great defense.
    Cardinals: On the road could be a little tough.
    Jets: Not a great team, but on the road in NY could be difficult.

    Cardinals (4-2):
    Week 8: @ Panthers (L)
    Week 9: @ Rams (L)
    Week 10: vs ***** (W)
    Week 11: @ Seahawks (W)
    Week 12: vs Giants (L)
    Week 13: @ Eagles (L)
    Week 14: vs Rams (W/L)
    Week 15: vs Vikings (W)
    Week 16: @ Patriots (L)
    Week 17: vs Seahawks (W)

    Notice the last 3 weeks. Even though they play a tough Falcons team on the road, they play 2 straight home games against the sucky niners and seahawks. I think they can go 9-7 and win the division. The Cardinals have a much tougher schedule and go on the road more then the Rams. I think they can go 9-7 or 8-8. If they go 9-7 like the Rams, I think the Rams will win the tie breaker. It isn't gonna be easy but you never know. What do you guys think?

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    Re: Rams vs Cardinals...

    Our schedule is a little easier because we are done with the NFC EAST. The Cardinals still have the Giants and Eagles to play. Other than that the head to head games are the key games in my mind.

    Both teams have 5 road games left so that's a wash.

    I certainly like our chances to pull this off.


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    Re: Rams vs Cardinals...

    I can honestly say the Tards fans aren't taking us too seriously. I saw this over at one of the Tards boards this evening:
    Brad Johnson or Romo it won't matter cause they are playing the should be over by halftime. If Romo was smart he would realize the opponent and not even try to convince the coaches to play.
    Followed up with this:

    Yeah, I wouldn't want them to start thinking they can actually win some games before we play them in a couple weeks in St.Louis. I still say beating the Redskins was a fluke for them but they are talented...they must have the worst coaching staff in the NFL to have 3 past pro-bowlers on offence and be at the record they are at!
    Of course, I couldn't leave this attack on my beloved Rams, especially from a Tards fan. So, I had to answer the poster with something good. Instead, I just whipped this out:

    Hey, Jesse, you were right! It WAS over by halftime!!!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    Let's week we smack around those cheatin' idiots, er, patriots, and then...

    It's time for Leonard Little to give his friend Kurt Warner one of those really big hugs. You know, the kind where Warner ends up on the ground while Little is laughing and saying something about knowing more about sacks than a former bagboy....LOL!!!!
    Aren't I a little stinker?

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