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    Rams vs Chargers

    It was a disappointing game,But we did see some guys step up Like Groce.Brandon Green got a sack.
    Fitzpatrick showed us that he will be 3rd string QB.Sorry to say it but Smoker is probably out along with Cason

    O-line needs to get better or we wont get better than 8-8 or 9-7.

    Hopfully I'm just having Preseason Blahhhs.


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    Re: Rams vs Chargers

    That o-line really got me turning red! It was when the o-line actually protected Bulger that we were able to have some sort of production. (Obvious, but I had to add that in.) Also, AT TIMES, the d-line and secondary looked solid but most of the time, well...

    Another thing, our D looked as if it were in that bend but dont break Philosophy but heck! We were bending alot and breaking alot. The first team of the Chargers were beating us with short passes that ended up resulting in a couple of scores.

    Other things noticed...

    No serious injuries. Groce looked good and by the looks of things, just like Psycho had stated, it does not look like Smoker or Cason will make the roster. Our guys at receiver, as usual, looked sharp. Curtis continues to impress by hauling in two TD's, one being a 78 yard strike by Fitzpatrick.

    I'm still a little upset and worried about a couple of things but hopefully, these things get solved next week on Monday night.

    As always...

    GO RAMS!!!


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