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    The Rams Walk the Walk ….. Without the fans

    by RamDez

    One thing has always puzzled me. Well when it comes to football, a lot of things puzzle me but let’s focus on the St Louis Rams for now shall we. So…. One thing about the “Rams” has always puzzled me.

    Of all the NFL teams, the Rams and their fickle fans have more of a love hate relationship than any other NFL team, in my eyes. Its bad enough that the Rams and the Fans have to contend with the fact that the other NFL teams, the NFL front office and every hack that covers and writes on the NFL, basically hates the Rams and have done so ever since our beloved owner took over the team when it swam into her lap.

    You would think then, that as a group of people who support the Rams, the fans would stick together, through thick and thin, and present a united front, a wall of blue and gold, a set of horns sharp enough to hold back your proto typical hack who takes the easy route and pisses on the Rams whenever an opportunity strikes. You would think that would you not?

    And you would be wrong.

    There is, out there, a minority of fans who know better. They know better and you better listen to them or by god they will pound away at you until you do. Hell, if you even think of saying something other than compliment them, by all that’s holly, your going to hear about it.

    The Ram fans want the Ram team/players/coaches to stand up and walk the walk. They want them to have bravado, guts, and a dash of confidence about them. They want to see a team, in its entirety, show up and pummel the opposition in every facet of that particular competition. They want the front office to make the correct decision (in their eyes) every time. They want the front office to pick the correct draft choice (the one they want) every time. They want the Coaches to call the correct play, you know, the one they believe will make the touch down. They want the coaches to hold the perfect pre season. Training camp must be run the way they and when I say they, I really mean, the way the “fan” sees the training camp being run. They want the Coach to put in the correct player for the correct play and afterwards, when it turned out he got injured, then he demands to know why that player was in on such a trivial play. They want the coach to do the right thing, even when they don’t really know what the right thing is, this week anyway.

    These Ram fans even believe that if they say the same thing over and over and over, then they will eventually be correct and will get the mass of Ram fans to believe them. These are the same fans, who read the hack writers, who have it in for our Rams, so you would wonder why these fans in fact believe them. I do, all the time.

    What’s the answer?

    Heck, I don’t know but what I do know is that these few fans are causing all sorts of problems. They are the Hack believers, they are the disciples, and they are the warriors of tripe, the mindless ones. I can only stand and look on as they blindly regurgitate the same old crap that they claim they don’t listen to. I wish they could believe that the Rams give there all. I wish they could believe that the hacks don’t know what the hell they are talking about. I wish they would stop drinking in every bit of bad news that comes out of the hacks keyboards. I wish they would have some faith.

    It’s fitting, at this time of the year that we look inside ourselves and for those of us of that believe in Christmas and what it stands for, not the present giving and the card sending and all those things that are so commercialised but the true meaning. That of giving and receiving the love and hope of our fellow man. We should believe that the Rams, the players, the coaches and the staff when they say that they are giving their all for the team. We should understand that in this NFL. Its a tough place to be number one in. Lets so some support and do something that’s been lacking in our fans these last couple of years.

    Having faith.
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    Re: The Rams Walk the Walk ….. Without the fans

    Always remembering that faith without works, in itself, remains DEAD.

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