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Alot of knee jerk reactions here.

Rams are in jam, but the good news is they are alot better then what they're playing.

Even after two 'bad' performances, Bradford is on pace for 28 tds and 12 ints, and 4400 yds. The biggest problem is not the quarterback. The biggest problems are penalties, the awful running game, and a defense that took several steps back for some strange reason. Frank Gore had 100 yards rushing at the half. Anquan Boldin single handedly beat the Rams secondary, but he did do the same to the Packers.

Fisher needs to get everyone calmed down. Schottenheimer and Fisher's offense thrives on the running game. The gameplan and QB are useless without one. They have to get that fixed first. Dont know if that means bringing in or trading for a RB, or whatever, but they have to fix the running game. in the the last two games they are averaging something like 1.6 yds a carry. That will not do
Knee jerk reactions? Really? This team is in disarray from top to bottom. The FO and coaching staff get paid to make sure we have the talent we need at all positions....the fact that we are now so inept at running the ball is unacceptable and someone should be held accountable for this. How do you not assess the talent in the offseason correctly to ensure that you are at least serviceable and not downright pathetic? We did not hire a 1st year coach. we hired one of the best. Sad.