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    eauclare Guest

    Rams/Whiners both looking for a GM

    Well, the Whiners have gone on record that they are looking for a GM at years end.

    I am officially beginning the HIRE FLOYD REESE campaign. In a post I made on October 23 or there about, I drafted "an open letter to John Shaw" stating he should hire a Floyd Reese type as GM. I said JZ should only deal with cap issues. I sent a copy of the post to Shaw's LA office and one to Rams Park.

    Now I read that Reeses name is being mentioned at Rams Park. I also read where Shaw stated JZ only deals with the cap issues, which I still find hard to believe. When I first drafted the letter, a number of people on this forum suggested we all begin a petition and send it to Shaw.

    Well, here is a second chance. Lets get one together for Reese. Reese played a huge part in assembling the Titan team we played and BEAT in the Super Bowl.

    Lets put the pressure on Shaw. Who knows, maybe Shaw does read his mail. Lets get a guy like this before the Whiners do.

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    Re: Rams/Whiners both looking for a GM

    I'm in man, sign me up. I'm in for anything that can potentially make forward progress with the Rams. And GM does seem to be an issue apparently.
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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    Javaman Guest

    Re: Rams/Whiners both looking for a GM

    Awesome if they get Reese. There are alot of supposedly good gms out there. How about Tom Donohue or Randy Mueller?

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    eauclare Guest

    Re: Rams/Whiners both looking for a GM

    Donohue IMO was a disaster in Buffalo. He was good with the Steelers though. Not my first option.

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