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    Talking Rams Will Be Back

    ALL The Rams will return with another great year probably a little bit better than last year as I think Mad Mike has learned you cannot throw when the other team has 6 or 7 defensive backs in the game and you have the best (possibly the best of all times) running back FAULK on the field and continue to try to throw. Where are our weaknesses? I really see none.

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    Welcome to the board...

    One possible problem that I see is at 4th receiver. We run a lot of four (and five with Marshall) receiver sets. Need to get someone to fill in what little gap was created by Az leaving. They don't need to try to take over as the #1 receiver, just be another threat for the other defenses to worry about. Also a little concerned what happens if Warner gets hurt. Love to see a real veteran QB that is willing to sit the bench and marvel at the greatness that is Kurt Warner, for low money, just so they can get their SB ring.

    Marshall and Trung provide a SOLID RB core. Think the defense will be better than last year, but may want to start thinking of the future, after Aeneas has his ring and decides to retire to coaching. Lost a couple of O linemen, but I don't think they would have let them go so easily if their backups weren't ready.

    That leaves special teams. <groan>
    This space for rent...

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    I really have no doubts that we should be able to obtain a 4th wideout either in the draft or via free agency..OOPS........Forgot about Special Teams maybe that was intentional as bad as they were last year. Would be great if we could come up with an established QB for a reasonable price but doubt if we could find one. All we can do is pray for Warner's health and hope if Jamie has to go in he will be all right.

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    Welcome to the ClanRam WoodyRamfan1! :cool:

    I see you've also been a long time Ram aficionado, excellent! You will find quite a few here in the Clan (including yours truly). We also have some terrific Bandwagonners that have demonstrated zeal, true blood and affection for the St. Louis Rams.
    Great place to share Ramemories and Ramexpectations!

    Yes, I too believe the Rams are as focused as ever, preparing big time and waiting for the right time: opening kickoff whistle!
    :angryram: Revenge is on the Rams minds!

    BTW, Thoey, Jamie is a proven veteran QB, isn't he? I mean, like you said, 'just in case.' Special Teams, yes, they weren't very special during most of the regular season but I heard and saw clear signs of improvement in final games and playoffs (minus the SB [*aaaargh!*]).

    Sure look forward to a strong and spectacular season! :superram:

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    Overall,I feel pretty positive about the upcoming season.I have also been a little worried about our backup QB's,but we just need to give Martin the benefit of the doubt.I wish Martz would have let him have more snaps last year.Also,It wouldnt surprise me if Bulger makes a strong push for the no.2 spot.He looked really good during the pre-season last year.Anyway,we all know our Rams have the talent to return to the dance next year,lets just pray the football Gods keep us from serious injury.:superram: :lid:
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    huntdux Guest
    As I recall, most everyone had their doubts about another unproven backup QB that played for the Rams. What was his name? Hmmmmm, Warner! That was it! Anyone else here trust Mike and Charlie's judgement? I believe that if they thought there was a problem, they would have been moving already. Remember, it was Martz and Armey that told DV to go with the guy they already had, Kurt.

    Hello neighbor!

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    PerthshireRam Guest

    Hey Guys

    In less than a couple of weeks this site becomes obsolete so get yourselfs over to the new one,

    Hope to see you all there.

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    MsWistRAM Guest
    " We also have some terrific Bandwagonners that have demonstrated zeal, true blood and affection for the St. Louis Rams. " <~~~That's be me!

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    woodyramfan1 Guest
    Bandwaggoners are welcome. I have no problems with anyone coming on to the GREATEST SHOW ON TURF GO RAMS

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