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Thread: Rams will be using the 11 and 12 personnel

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    Rams will be using the 11 and 12 personnel

    Rams are going to be using the 11 Personnel a lot per Sam Bradford. “We’re gonna be a lot more ‘11,’ a lot more ‘12’ personnel,” Bradford said.

    I know we have talked about the 12 personnel here at the clan. Once Cook was signed made sense to think we could try and copy the Pats and use it. Then we move up and drafted Austin at 8, grabbed Bailey in the 3rd round and all bets where off.

    After the first day of camp the Rams had to show their hand and it's a good one. Rams will used both the 11 and the 12 personnel this year.

    Looking on line a I found a pretty good description of the 11 personnel and what can be accomplished by using it.

    Rams will be using the 11 and 12 personnel-formation1.1_0_0.png

    By Pat Kirwan

    The most effective personnel group in the most effective formation right now in the NFL

    11 Personnel (1 RB, 1 TE, 3 WR)

    1. QB- Shotgun spread set (2 by 2) flex TE / 2 to left ... slot WR / X to right
    a. The width of the slot and the flex TE from the “T” makes the outside linebackers (or nickel DB) move out and away from blitz lane. If they creep back in, the QB easily reads blitz.

    2. The guards (G) can take the inside linebackers if they blitz. If the OLB threatens blitz, the left tackle can “fan” block.
    a. Then the center, right guard and running back have the nose and 2 inside LBs. If the nickel also blitzes- the slot WR is “hot” and will get the ball RIGHT away.

    3. If the X receiver is a true #1 WR like Randy Moss, teams will want to “roll” coverage to him with the corner and FS. That insures the nickel runs the slot and can’t blitz.

    4. If the running back has receiving skills like Ray Rice (Balt), Joseph Addai (Indy), Reggie Bush (NO), the inside linebackers have little chance of covering him which forces zone calls which in turn opens up the slot receiver and flex TE

    5. If the defense is fearful of the flex TE and slot as receivers (Dallas Clark, Pierre Garcon), they will try and stop the run with 5 in the box (3 D Line/2 ILBs) and the offense has enough blockers (5 linemen).

    6. Motion by the slot receiver to the opposite side stresses the defense. Do they roll coverage to the new 3 receiver side and leave the “X” one on one with the potential RB coming out? (Marques Colston & Reggie Bush). The nickel DB has to chase the slot motion because the OLB can’t cover him.

    7. IF the “Z” has speed (Bernard Berrian), he can take the “top off the defense” and threaten the “$”. That leaves lots of room for the flex TE to work up the field (Gates/Shancoe.)

    8. The good teams in the NFL have built this package and will continue to move the ball and score
    Three-wide receiver set, one tight end and one back... That sounds good to me!
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    Re: Rams will be using the 11 and 12 personnel

    With Austin's natural fit as a slot receiver, as well as Cook's potential to line up off the line as a receiver, it seemed like 11 personnel was definitely on the horizon. Glad to hear the Rams are incorporating it, and I'm looking forward to the mismatches they'll create in the process.
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    Re: Rams will be using the 11 and 12 personnel

    Good to know we finally have the personnel to run these formations. While most teams in the offseason are preparing against run-option/pistol plays, we'll be stressing defenses the way the Saints and Patriots do. I look forward to seeing these mismatch nightmares.

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