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    Tony Soprano Guest

    Rams are the worst Run Defense team EVER

    I watched the video of the Redskins game and what a pathetic effort.

    Rock Cartwright (Hoss's brother) - Ran for TWICE his total yardage for the ENTIRE SEASON against us. He ran for 13 yards a carry. After the game, Rock Cartwright said that he couldn't believe the holes .. he said all I had to do was run.

    And he wasn't even the Redskins leading rusher.. Clinton Portis was the other 100+ yard rusher for the Skins.

    They ran and they ran .. and ran for almost 300 yards.

    Our DEF-line has 3 Number 1 picks PLUS Little and Hargrove (another early rounder).. yet like against the Falcons last year these guys were invisible. Like Warrick Dunn and T.J. Duckett on the Falcons.. anyone they handed the ball to ran open and wild.

    Let's go back to last year.. (because this is a long standing problem).. The Falcons bragged how No one could stop their running game after breaking records against us in the playoffs. When the Eagles (their next opponent) were asked, "How are you going to stop the Falcons running game", the Eagles responded "Did you see the Rams play Defense, Did you watch the tape of the Rams on Defense? ... .. And, of course, the Eagles shut the Falcons running game down totally and were meeting the Falcons RBs in the backfield.

    It seems the Rams attempt to fixt the Running game was a Total abject failure. The money spent in Free agency will set us back in the future as nothing has been fixed. We are at square 1, except we have some big contract obligations and cap penalites to deal with now.


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    RamsFan16 Guest

    Re: Rams are the worst Run Defense team EVER

    Aren't you Mr. Obvious just kidding man I agree. If it wasn't Bartells heart than Carthwright would have been in the TD that one play and when Portis got his first TD he wasn't even touched only by his Olineman. Its pathetic!

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    Re: Rams are the worst Run Defense team EVER

    Worst run defense EVER? Actually, we're not even the worst run defense this season. Buffalo and Houston both give up more. However, it is very frustrating to see teams run on us like they did on Sunday. NFL defenses simply should not allow holes like the Redskins were given to run through. That is one of the differences between college and pros. Pros should close holes a lot quicker than we did.

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    Re: Rams are the worst Run Defense team EVER

    Truth is, as frustrated as we are with the team's performance, they are not the worst ANYTHING.

    They're just bad.

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    RamJackson39 Guest

    Re: Rams are the worst Run Defense team EVER

    Yet for some reason, we have yet to be consistently bad. There is always a stretch in the game where we play pretty good D. Yet we allow a few big plays a game and this is the difference. The Rams have to get back to the basics.

    One thing everyone should note. Bartell and Ivy both payed with a lot of heart yesterday. I am increasingly impressed with how Bartell plays this game. He is always going at 100% just to give himself a shot at making a play. You give me 11 guys like him on defense and I'll give you a Super Bowl Team

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    Tony Soprano Guest

    Re: Rams are the worst Run Defense team EVER

    I threw the worst EVER in there because I was MAD.

    It's no victory or solace for me that there's two teams worse out there at stopping the run. This problem was our priority in the off-season...

    Our Organization is so screwed up that one of the two teams (or one of very few)
    that is worse against the Run (Buffalo) - Well their DEF COORD is being publicly mentioned as our next coach!!!
    If that doesn't say it all.


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