1. Blitz Early and Often
- Alex Smith is a young quarterback, this is his first year starting in the NFL as a fulltime quarterback. Therefor is bound to make mistakes. I feel that if we blitz him early and often from all over the place as we did vs the Broncos we'll get him shaken up and make him throw into bad decisions. If we got 3 interceptions from Plummer making bad throws because of him being shaken up we could possibly get more from Smith.

2. Win the Battle up front with the Oline.
- Our Defensive Line is perfect, although Kennedy has a broken hand he came back in and played under pain which is very, very rare for him as of late and that showed true heart and that he is a diffrent man. Wroten can fill in for him. But to my point of this key. Our Offensive Line has to win the battle up front. We have our Starting Center out for the season, and Incognito filling in for him (from reports I've heard/read). But our offensive line needs to win up there to give Bulger time to throw and open some Holes for Jackson.

3. Elimate the Long Runs on the D side.
- The Broncos had two I believe 25 or 30 yard runs that really shot up there yardage and caused our Run D to look worse than it was it was great other than that. If we can elimate the long runs we'll be fine. As long as we do Key #1 and eliminate the Long Runs there will be no room to breathe for San Fransisco.

More to come... Must think of more though