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    Random thoughts and observations from being at the Game today

    I was able to be at the game today. This was my first live game since the 04 playoff game. Yea, it was great to get the taste of that out of my mouth today. Here are my observations and thoughts:

    -Bradford looks so calm on the sideline it is crazy

    -In the first half, there were open receivers all over the field. This went away in the second half, not sure why though

    -Jackson ran hard, but there were never any holes. I was hoping to see Darby a bit more, cause with his smaller frame, I was thinking he could sneak through

    -Josh Brown looked very uncomfortable on the sidelines. Kept holding his back and stretching. Not sure if anything was said about this on TV

    -The Broncos receivers are really fast. I wasn't too concerned with the secondary play cause the receivers were simply faster and hard to keep up with. I think our corners are more built to go against slightly slower bigger receivers

    -I didn't hate the conservative play calls at the end of the game. The Broncos looked like they were expecting a pass and the safeties were playing deep. I really thought Jackson might be able to get those 4 yards.

    -Thank God that punt wasn't fully blocked! And that it rolled forward. Donnie had a poor punt average in the 4th haha

    -It was a great effort for all 60 minutes and it was cool to be at their first road win

    -I actually got to go meet some players after the game, my friend I went with knows D'Marco Farr really well, so he brought us inside the gate to meet people. I got Chris Long, J-Lau, and Bradford to sign my hat. Farr told me I wouldn't be able to recognize Amendola, I laughed cause I felt I could recongize every Ram. He was right, I ran into Danny and thought it was a little brother til I caught a second glance. That man is tiny. I know this isn't news to anybody, but Farr said he was talking with some NFL exec's who think Bradford is the best rookie they have ever seen. And they think he might become the best qb of all time. (I know its early, but hearing that gave me an ear to ear smile)

    Thats all I have. Go Rams

    Oh, and this was interesting. The play in the second quarter when Spags challenged because he thought DX crossed the plane, McDaniels also threw the flag, thinking DX fumbled. It was funny cause both coaches were running down the sidelines and threw the flag. I'm sure this doesn't happen very often. And then we lost the challenge and the fans booed...smh
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    Re: Random thoughts and observations from being at the Game today

    Thank you for the report!

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    Re: Random thoughts and observations from being at the Game today

    Nice report!
    And it's still early, but Bradford could be having the best rookie season of any QB ever. Ben Roethlisberger had a heck of a year with a good playoff run his first year, but Bradford has put more of the team on his shoulders.
    We'll see how it plays out!

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    Re: Random thoughts and observations from being at the Game today

    That's cool bro ! Must of been a thrilling experience for you and as we all know, it's nothing like BEING there to see the action. I live in the Bahamas and I've only been to three games, none of them being a Rams game . (2007 Packers at Dolphins when Favre was there 2008 Cowboys at Dolphins and 2009 Bengals at Jets when Favre was also there )
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