The following was posted by Randy Karraker at the herd board:

Marshall's agent, Rocky Arceneault, has been telling people all off-season that he isn't sure Faulk wants to play beyond 2004, anyway.
Howard Balzer reported that Faulk would like to end his career as a slot receiver in San Diego. When he asked why not do that in St. Louis, he was told that Faulk knows Martz doesn't have the restraint to limit his touches. See an injured Faulk at the end of 2002, when he should have been on IR.

Marshall has told several people that the knee isn't responding, but he'll see how it goes in camp.

After the 2000 season, Faulk could have had a rather serious surgery to combat what doctors said was a degenerative condition. The alternative would allow Faulk to get active (on the golf course?) sooner, but his career would end earlier. He opted for the less serious surgery.

If indeed Marshall can't play in 2004, the team would most likely have to IR him for a couple of years, like the Broncos had to do with Terrell Davis, so that his bonus wouldn't accelerate into a single year of the cap until Warner is off the books after 2005.

Now, the hit from Faulk's bonus would be about $8.2 million. After 2004, about 6.2, and after 2005, about $4.8. Unfortunately, the Warner hit this year is about $5.5, in that vicinity, and next year it's $6.7. Having almost $13.9 million in dead money on the books in 2005 doesn't seem that appealing.

All this being said, all we reported is that there's no guarantee Faulk will be able to go the way he has in the past anymore, but we added that if anyone can play through this, it's Faulk