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    joeramfan Guest


    Hi Ramdez. It's joeramfan,I tried to e-mail you but could not so I thought I could reach you here.I was looking at the homepage Clanram and latest posts,when I noticed the trivia option was gone.Bummer I hope you can bring this feature back.I think I would do well here.Thanx for your time Dez. Talk to you later.

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    Cor, that was a long time ago

    I am looking at doing a couple of things, watch this space :cool:

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    joeramfan Guest

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    I have some ideas about this,maybe there could some kind of contest,whoever gets the highest % correct would win something:tickets,collectibles,whatever check with the rest of the clan and get some feedback.Just thinking, joeramfan.

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    bloodnhall Guest

    You want Ram trivia?

    If you can all these correctly, you are Carrol Rosenbloom lol.
    And most are multiple choice too.
    see how you do WITHOUT CHEATING

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