2. St. Louis Rams- Jake Long, T, Michigan

The Rams OL is an injury-plagued mess, and Orlando Pace is quickly nearing the end. Long is the mauling run blocker they sorely need, and he has the potential to carry on the tradition of Jackie Slater and Pace and remain a stalwart at T for over a decade. Don’t buy the hype that Long can only play RT in the NFL; he’ll do just fine on the left with a competent guard next to him.
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Me personnally agree that if we do get the secound pick in the draft we address our offensive line in the draft and address our defensive problems VIA free agency. But then again Im am a big fan of Kenny Phillips I think that kid is going to be a Sean Taylor type of player. So this is my options for the offseasons.

1) Draft Jake Long, trade or sign for a good defensive leader (either Safety or Linebacker)
2) Move down the draft to the 6th or 7th spot pick up Kenny Phillips, pick up a 2nd or 3rd round pick (than pick an offensive lineman) and than address our linebacking situation VIA free agency