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    Reality vs. Pre-season games

    I'm sitting here listening to the audio of the game, wincing each time I hear of a Rams mistake, or the cheers of the crowd as the Titans make a good play. (I'm also watching the little arrow on move...what a joke!)

    As I'm listening, I'm wondering just how many people will be posting the usual 'We Stink' threads after this game. Well, people I've got a few secrets for you all:

    1. This game really does not mean anything. Really. The season is only seventeen weeks long, not 21. If we lose all 4 preseason games, it won't make the world end.

    2. This game is like swimming. Really. I can't swim. I've learned how to kick, hold my breath, I've been shown how to float, move my arms, etc., but I can't swim. Niether can these rookies. Now if I took a swimming class, I MIGHT be able to swim. This game is more like throwing the rookies into the lake - some will swim, others will swim like a rock...just like me.

    3. Did you really expect all of our players to walk onto the field and be able to light it up? Niether do our coaches. That's why they play pre-season - to find the wheat and discard the chaff (to borrow a Biblical reference).

    4. This is time for the coaches to EXPERIMENT! Isn't it better for them to see what plays work and which don't BEFORE the real season starts?

    I'll accept constructive criticism, maybe even some non-constructive griping. I can't accept whining, so if ya gotta whine about the way the Rams played tonight...well, I hear that there's plenty of Alex Smith jerseys left over at the whiners pro shop.

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    Re: Reality vs. Pre-season games

    WHAT? I thought we were playing in the super bowl tonight!?!?!?!?! You mean that this game doesn't count for poo? No no no, I can't believe it! The whole season we will give up over 10 yards per rush and Trent Green will be our starting QB and obviously our rookies will never be able to play worth a damn.

    The season is lost because of tonight!

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    Re: Reality vs. Pre-season games

    I Think that this is just carry over, Pre-season or not. When your team has been bad for awhile, people tend to want to see some change in the program.
    Of course if Jackson were there we would be up by 30..........Right. Anyway to see this is kinda like a bad dream, cause if they have another unproductive pre-season,i'll bet my house it won't be much different from last year. And that my friend is reailty.let's see what they can put together next week.

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    Re: Reality vs. Pre-season games

    Good to see there are some people with common sense still posting

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    Re: Reality vs. Pre-season games

    In case anyone forgot, this is a brand new offense we're implementing...the preseason will be rough offensively, especially without our team MVP.

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    Re: Reality vs. Pre-season games

    If you don't panic you will not sink.

    With your lungs full of air your body will float.

    Sometimes I get tired of swimming and just float on my back.

    I was fortunate though. Took swimming lessons at a very young age. Started out as guppy and ended with junior lifesaver. One of the requirements for junior lifesaver was to tred water in the deep end for 30 minutes. Today I might have to cheat and float for awhile.

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