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Thread: Reasons why we shouldn't move Saffold (with pics)

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    Re: Reasons why we shouldn't move Saffold (with pics)

    Quote Originally Posted by BarronWade View Post
    Very valid argument but i am going to have to disagree...

    When you bring the Khalil vs. Saffold argument up you just cannot pick a winner...Saffold exceeds expectation his rookie year then gets into a slump than performs well then gets injured...Also this argument is basically Kalil vs. College DE vs. Saffold vs. NFL DEs

    Kalil vs Saffold is not an argument, it's really just my opinion as to who better. That being said Kalil is projected as top 5 pick in the draft. Saffold was a 2-4 round pick. kalil is rated coming out of college as one of the best LT in years..

    Though the coaches and players at USC were certainly sad to see junior offensive tackle Matt Kalil announce he is leaving school early for the 2012 NFL draft, you can be sure teams picking in the top five are excited to see it.

    Kalil is by far the best offensive line prospect in the country and will be one of the first names called on draft day. At 6-7, 295 pounds, Kalil has outstanding height and also has excellent arm length, which makes it easy for him to punch and stop pass rushers in their tracks.

    In addition, Kalil has rare athleticim and feet for an offensive tackle and is just as comfortable and productive sliding out to cut off explosive pass rushers as he is pulling and blocking in space. His high-level ability to adjust in space to block defenders is a rare and highly valued commodity.

    Though there have been some good offensive tackles in recent drafts, Kalil is a better prospect than Jake Long, Tyron Smith and Trent Williams.

    Look for either St. Louis (2-11) or Minnesota (2-11) to take Kalil with the second or third overall pick. Both teams already have their quarterbacks of the future—Sam Bradford (Rams) and Christian Ponder (Vikings)—and either could grab Kalil to provide the blind-side protection needed

    I am not going to fully evaluate Khalil until i receive his combine measurments (esp. his arm length) but from what i am reading Khalil is 6-7 295 pounds vs. Saffold 6-5 316 pounds what makes me believe Khalil wont be bull rushed like Saffold?
    I think he can add 20 LBS to that 6-7 frame no worries... there is more to playing LT then just weight...

    Thinking back to the 2011 NFL Draft and OT Tyron Smith, the reason he played right tackle for Southern Cal is because of this guy right here: Matt Kalil. At 6'7" and 295 lbs, Kalil enjoys the height and girth that NFL scouts salivate over when you hear the term "prototypical left tackle." The list of skills he does well heavily outweighs his shortcomings. Kalil is excellent in run blocking: stays low, great drive blocker, gets his hands in position quickly, hand-punches defensive linemen where he wants them to go. When it comes to playing hard and with a nasty attitude, he brings it every game and every play. As a pass blocker, he moves very well laterally. Quick feet. Can eat up a bull rush with his ability to stay at home, keep his butt behind him and low in order to hold his ground.
    Coming into the 2010 draft people did praise Saffold on his versatility and "experts" said he would play RT for us...But the man started playing LT for us from the begging of pre-season which should tell you something about his talent and that it was better than most me you dont just put any talent protecting a $50 mil 1st pick rookie QB's blindside
    Yeah he was going to play RT, Smith was hurt at the time broke a toe that's why he had to play LT for us.... Smith came back and could not beat him out...

    trust me you dont just put any talent protecting a $50 mil 1st pick rookie QB's blindside
    I do trust you and I agree with you.. that why we need to get an elite LT period.

    Kalil Wasn’t responsible for a sack given up in 2011 and has played at a high level over the past two years.

    Saffold proved he can play LT in the nfl and remember he started playing well b4 his injury...Im not saying Saffold cant play RT im just saying he has proved he can protect Bradfords blindside and i think he deserves another shot
    I think Saffold did ok playing LT... it's not just about Saffold play though. You have to consider the whole O line. We are talking about getting the best group of players to protecting Bradford and open up running lanes for SJ. That being said the adding of Kalil allows Saffold to move to the RT spot and Kalil to the LT and the line as a whole just got better and we have more depth.

    Also we have bigger needs how about this comparison:

    Kalil vs. Saffold or Blackmon vs. ??? (who is our #1)
    I look at it this way Kalil plus Saffold vs Blackmon.

    Address the offensive issues draft kalil?
    Address the need for a big time playmaker draft Blackmon?

    Right now it's a coin toss for me... I would like Blackmon at 4 and the Browns 22 pick in the first round. If we don't move back I'm leaning towards Kalil, but will not be disappointed with a stud like Blackmon.

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    Re: Reasons why we shouldn't move Saffold (with pics)

    Kalil reminds me of Eugene Monroe coming out of the draft, they both have similar strengths and weaknesses (good pass protection, needs improvement on run blocking). The thing about this year's draft is there isn't any legit Top 5 talent available outside of Andrew Luck, if we had the likes of Jake Long and Calvin Johnson coming out of this draft, Matt Kalil and Justin Blackmon would be considered Top 10 talent. We need playmakers and Saffold had a good rookie year along with a sophomore slump under a new system and poor OL coaching, and it's very premature to give up on someone in that situation.

    That's why Blackmon has more of an upgrade value than Kalil does, no doubt Kalil is a better athlete than Saffold but their talent levels aren't far off. Rambos, I'm willing to agree to disagree with you on regards to Kalil. We both want what's best for this team, it's just for me, I'm just getting sick and tired of settling with the likes of Brandon Gibson, Laurent Robinson, Brooks Foster, and Derek Stanley as our starting receivers. It's time we give Bradford a quality weapon that'll complement him and his confidence in the future.

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    Re: Reasons why we shouldn't move Saffold (with pics)

    I only have one reason why we shouldn't move Saffold and take Kalil. His name is Justin Blackmon.

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    Re: Reasons why we shouldn't move Saffold (with pics)

    I don't see why we can't draft Kalil and keep Saffold.

    I just don't think that there's a much need at the receiver position. To me, we need to improve run blocking and pass protection. This team still has so many needs on the offensive side of the ball. We'll see what they do next year. I actually can't wait

    OK, well I can. There is some great football being played right now, but it's just not as much fun with my Rams out of it.
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