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    rebirth of the greatest show on spots turf

    Thank god that the rams got rid of Mike Martz when they did. Now I think Scott
    Will probabaly have Balanced style of running and passing. Now It's breakout
    time for Steven and the boys to take back the west.

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    Re: rebirth of the greatest show on spots turf

    and this is the rebirth of the greatest show on turf by NOT having Martz? lol He only made it, no big deal. Oh yeah, Faulk isn't playing this year too, but

    honestly, I think we'll score a lot, but I doubt anyone with ever really come close to the GSOT. It was just amazing, and unstoppable. Maybe teams will come close, but the Rams will always be remembered as the GSOT, I think there are remnants of it, but it'll never be the me.

    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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    youngblood 39 Guest

    Re: rebirth of the greatest show on spots turf

    well when martz was there he had marshall and he did not run with him that
    often so that is why I think that Scott linehan will give steven more touches.

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    Re: rebirth of the greatest show on spots turf

    Like varg said we might come close but we will not be the GSOT, think about no marshall, isaac isn't as great as he used to be although he still has some left in the tank, steven is not the same halfback as marshall, marshall with elusive with great moves and blazing speed while jackson learned some of those moves but marshall in his prime was one of the key factors of the GSOT, don't get me wrong I'm not saying anything bad about SJ but marshall in his prime made up the GSOT with his skill physically and mentally.
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