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    Re: Is Receiver Really That Big a Need?

    You really don't need a TO, Randy Moss, etc. You need a solid group of receivers as stated. I think we need to go and get talent at other spots first. THEN in 2011 you get your luxury picks like WR and even QB if Clausen isn't picked and Bradford doesn't slip to the second. I would be nothing short of pissed if the rams went and spent a first round pick on a receiver. There are good receivers all through this draft, but none are once a decade talent. If the rams were already a good team then you could afford to blow a pick on another trophy. There will be plenty of good receivers and even more with tremendous potential. Dinario Alexander could EASILY slip to the third round due to injury history. He had the best year in college football at Mizzou and wasn't even considered for the WR award due to the stupid way the award is set-up. Guy is 6'5 and has a 47 inch vertical (reportedly). Tremendous playmaker. First round talent but slips due to injuries in past years. He bleeds Number 1 potential. No way you pick a wideout earlier than third round.

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    Re: Is Receiver Really That Big a Need?

    Quote Originally Posted by dgr828 View Post
    Two Words, TO!!!! Get Him!
    Two words, HELL NO! Leave him!
    Semper Fi!

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    Re: Is Receiver Really That Big a Need?

    Absolutely YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Is Receiver Really That Big a Need?

    If were talking about Wide Reciever for next season I think we have to go after someone through Free-Agency. I like the guys we have already at Wide Reciever, and those guys need to step it up in the next season. I am calling out Avery, who has at times shown flashes of being a go-to guy at Wide Reciever and I also believe if he steps it up other guys in the huddle at the position will step up as well. NC RAMS
    Panthers suck!

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