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Thread: Redskins vs. Rams discussion

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    Redskins vs. Rams discussion

    That time again - Redskins/Rams annual game. Seems like we have been playing you guys a lot lately. Last 4 years in a row, 5 with this year. The two teams have split with the Redskins taking the "W" last year. All the games have been close. And I'll be perfectly honest, I felt like we were the better team in all 4 games, but of course I am biased :P

    At any rate, it's a new year with new players and in the Rams case, new coaches. So lets begin...

    I have felt the Redskins have been a QB away from being a good team for some time. So far so good. RG3 did nothing to disappoint. And to be honest, as long as he can manage to manage games better than Rex Grossman, we should be in good shape. I don't expect a performance like he had against the Saints every week, but he has set the bar a bit high.

    Offensively, I feel like the Redskins finally have speed. Defensively, they have an excellent front seven in year 3 of their 3-4.

    Honestly, I think the Redskins SHOULD run away with this. With Roger Saffold and Scott Wells out, the Redskins front seven should have a field day. Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan have been a fierce duo from the edges. Your boy Haz, has been coming up with some great disguises. The secondary has surprisingly stepped up. Second year Dejon Gomes is every bit the athlete Shanahan said he was. The Rams don't have any play makers on offense - sorry. I guess Steven Jackson WAS, but he is 29 with a lot of miles. He averaged 2.5 yards last week. I think this maybe the year he takes the proverbial nose dive all elite backs take. We saw it with Clinton Portis - it comes out of nowhere. The Redskins should be able to stack the box, bring pressure and force Bradford to make errant throws.

    The Rams defense isn't much better. They DID add Cortland Finnegan and Janoris Jenkins. I like Chris Long and James Lauranitis. But the Redskins have a lot of weapons on offense between Fred Davis, Pierre Garcon, Josh Morgan, and Santana Moss. Alfred Morris has been a beast hard nose runner, and their rotation of Helu and Royster through out the game, who all have been good runners, keeps fresh legs until the last second of the game. I like how the offense has been built around RG3. Ahhh, how could we forget RG3. Not only is he a duel threat runner, but he is very accurate, makes good decisions, and has been able to read defenses and was allowed to call plays at the line last week - incredible.

    I just think the Redskins are a more complete team from top to bottom, but I am biased

    What do you think? Am I wrong, crazy, stupid, annoying, all the above? Feel free to correct me where I am wrong, I'll show you why you are and not me :P

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    Re: Redskins vs. Rams discussion

    I doubt the Redskins have more weapons than the Lions do and despite RG3's success in his only NFL game I would place money that Stafford is a better QB. RG3's running ability is a wild card.

    Our offensive line could be problematic this week - it struggled against Detroit's front and the Redskins are solid up front too. We need to get creative and get the ball out fast to negate than pressure and help these young guys out.

    I think being at home should help the Rams and we'll pull out the win.

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    Re: Redskins vs. Rams discussion

    1) You better hope that your pass rush murders us (probably will with Orakpo and Kerrigan there). Your secondary is terrible. You've got one of the most over-rated and over-paid players in the league (DeAngelo Hall), a mediocre Josh Wilson, horrible Cedric Griffin, below average Dejon Gomes, and terrible Madieu Williams. That may be one of the worst secondary's in the NFL. You better hope that Meriweather is ready to suit up (not sure how long Tanard Jackson is suspended, but hasn't been good since first few years in Tampa anyways).

    2) Your WR's aren't scaring anybody. Sorry. Pierre Garcon getting paid $50 million? Wow, another great move by Dan Snyder! (sarcasm off). He's going to be easily shut out by the duo of Finnegan and Jenkins who for the most part kept Calvin Johnson in check. Josh Morgan is mediocre, Fred Davis has loads of potential but hasn't proved NOTHING yet, Santana Moss is decent, and Garcon is decent. I don't expect any problems what-so-ever here, especially if we get Darian Stewart back at S.

    3) Your running game should have their way against us. Our run D is actually pretty good, but it seems like we always have troubles with zone blocking schemes. I can see the trio of Morris, Royster, and Helu having a great game. Especially with the ability of RG3, the backside DE must contain. That zone-read option can absolutely murder us.

    4) Our pass rush will kill your offensive line. Trent Williams is the only good offensive lineman you guys have. Everyone else is mediocre, or just straight bad. RG3 will be forced into a few mistakes, and will have guys in his face.

    5) Our offense isn't really good, so I can see us having trouble scoring on your pretty good D. I expect the Rams to gut this one out. RG3 won't look so pretty after this game.
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