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Thread: The Refs

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    Re: The Refs

    Quote Originally Posted by MOM View Post
    Have to disagree with ya on this one. I have been trying to find this on video (to no avail, dang it), but in last year's heartbreaking loss to the Cheatriots, there was a flag thrown against them that almost gave the Rams a fighting chance, which sent Belicheat into a total tantrum. Luckily for me, I have been working on my lip-reading skills (I'm hard of hearing), and saw him mouth the words, "That's not what I f***ing pay you for!" It was as plain as day, and rather obvious. If I can ever find it, I'll post it.
    Are you serious? I would love to see that video. I hate the cheating Patriots.

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    Re: The Refs

    You would have to have a copy of the actual game, as the networks have become very good at editting and replaying footage so that you cannot tell a portion was editted out.

    If you doubt my statement, look for any replay of the INT run for a touchdown just before the half of the SB. If you have the actual game on DVR, you will see that the OBVIOUS clip is editted out of all the replays. This involves some pretty precise cropping, and still fit a 4:3 or 16:9 screen.


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    Re: The Refs

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick View Post
    I don't buy that there's an actual conspiracy against the Rams by the league or the officials, but it does seem as if the Rams come out on the short side of numerous calls, including anything that's close at all. Some will argue that that's simply a bad team not getting the breaks, but in an objective situation, the bad team has to get the break at some point right? The Rams hardly ever do; in fact I'm not sure I can remember the last time they did.

    I'm with ya' on the conspiracy theory- just not plausible. Refs certainly don't get together and collectively decide to screw the Rams or any other given team. I would say, however, that refs DO subconsciously favor the better team/players. You see it all the time on foul calls in the NBA, more disciplined hitters getting the benefit on borderline strike calls and in football it happens as well. The Rams certainly haven't been helped, and when a bad team is hurt by a call or a non-call, it is all the more glaring because they cannot overcome it.

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