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Thread: A Regular Chat

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    28rulz Guest
    Karl, if you haven't had your ? go to the index and then to will have to fill out a reguest and you'll get an e-mail with your password to get in the chat room. Hope this helps.

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    Moosey56 Guest
    Just let us know when & we will be there!!!!!!

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    28rulz Guest
    Do you have your Password?

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    MsWistRAM Guest
    I got mine and I don't like it! But I'll put up with it.

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    28rulz Guest
    Why don't you like it? Is it hard to remember? i keep mine next to the computer so I won't forget.

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    Karl-Baker Guest



    Help !!!

    Where's The Index ?????


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    28rulz Guest
    Look above here and see where it says Back to ClanRam on it and it will take you to the ..what i cll font page and to the side there are listings is Chatroom click it. Let me know how it goes!

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    Karl-Baker Guest

    I Found It !! I Found It !!

    Yeah !!!

    It's Just Like The Chat Room, I Used Last Season.
    I'm Waiting For My Password Now !!

    Thanks, You're A Big Help !!!

    Sometimes, You Need To DRAW Me A Picture (And It Helps To Use Colorful Crayons), Before I Get Your Meaning/Message/or Point !!!

    Thanks Again,


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    Mar 2001
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    hey, you meen you have never looked at the front end of ClanRam ????

    All those wallpapers and articles ............... wasted :upset:

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    28rulz Guest
    Not wasted Dez just waiting..He has been shown the light LOL

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    28rulz Guest
    Karl you'd wonder how I was able to help you at all if you knew how computer ignorant I am. I do draw with color crayons...LOL thats how I got you there!!

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    Karl-Baker Guest

    Question - Part Two


    How Long, Does It Take, To Get The Password ???

    Also, 28rulz - I'm A Firm Believer, That Without Crayons, The World Would STOP on It's Axis !!!


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    28rulz Guest
    Not long...Dez(i think) should have it to you via e-mail by tommorow

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    28rulz Guest
    Feels funny talking about Dez when you knoe he is reading it...LOL
    Crayons do contribute quite a bit to the world don't they!
    I love talking in this chatroom...It is used by good people not weirdos...well I am in there ..but you can't count me.LOL

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    Karl-Baker Guest


    I Just Got It !!!

    Holy Moses !!!!

    How Am I Supposed To Remember That ????

    Monkies on Moonshine !!!


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