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    mxbrian Guest

    Smile Relax !

    When I say relax, I mean, don't get all bunched up about Warner's Ribs. Yesterday (Wed.) he practiced the full day and had no problems and Wednesday is the biggest workout of the week. Thursday, Warner practiced most of the day, through all of the Blitz packages they went over and then needed to rest due to some spasms from electric stim. (normal)

    If Warner sneezed three times in a row, the reporters would be talking about it and we'd all be worried.

    Here's my bet, let's see if I have any takers. Warner practices tomorrow with no problems and we all sigh a big sigh.

    It's crunch time, it's all up to us. Win the battle of the turnovers and win the game, it's that simple.

    GO RAMS !!!

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    Toxic Twin Guest
    The O-Line does need to be on thir toes more than ever to protect Kurt from those cheap shot Iggles more than ever.

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    RAMSWIN Guest
    Looks like you were right mx. The press loves to blow things up. I wasn't worried. Nope, not at all...................:rolleyes:

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