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    Aldo Guest

    Remain Faithful, Rams Fans

    I first saw the former Cleveland Rams (now St. Louis Rams) play when I was a child in Cleveland, Ohio. I was unhappy when they left, but quickly became a Browns fan. As I grew into adulthood, I still followed the L.A. Rams & was a big fan of Deacon Jones & Crazylegs. The Fearsome Foursome were awsome. My loyalties were quite divided. As the years passed, I found frustration with the Browns and the Cleveland Indians. I did attend the 1948 World Series as a young Cub Scout and enjoyed the victory. But time only provided frustrations afterwards. Cleveland has not had a world champion baseball team since 1948. The Browns have never been in a Super Bowl and the Cavaliers have not won a championship. The expression in Cleveland became "Wait until next year." I still remained faithful to all of them and found my only joy in the L.A. Rams.

    In my old age I never dreamt that our son would end up playing for my Rams. I am so excited about this. Life is so full of twists and turns. My entire family is happy. It's like coming back home. The one thing I learned over the decades is that history repeats itself. All of the teams I mentioned have tradition and champions they shall be once again. To you Rams fans..remain faithful, because what goes around will come around. Every dog has his day. The Rams WILL rise again! You great fans must stick with this team. Believe me, despite past frustrations, it WILL happen. Been there...done that. Tomorrow is today. God bless you all and the St. Louis Rams.

    Al Bell

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    Re: Remain Faithful, Rams Fans

    The only name that rings a bell (sorry for the pun) is Jacob Bell. So I'm under the assumption that he is who you are referring to?

    The word is that the RAMS want Jacob to gain some weight. Is this an issue for Jacob?

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    Re: Remain Faithful, Rams Fans

    Your on the right board for faithful rams fans, from all corners of the world.

    There cant be many who have seen the rams play in Cleveland, its quite cool really, puts the St Louis move into some context! Living in the UK, moves obviously affect me less. (unless they move a but closer!). Its great that your son is playing for your team, many parents dream, you must be proud.

    Great post and good to hear from you. We will the flag flying.

    The Breakfast Club. You want cheese with that?

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    Aldo Guest

    Re: Remain Faithful, Rams Fans

    Yes, I am his father. Jacob is steadily gaining weight. By training camp he should be around 295-300. My only concern is that he stay healthy during the '09 season and maintain his speed and quickness. Of course, I want a Rams Super Bowl victory as well. Go Rams!

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    Aldo Guest

    Re: Remain Faithful, Rams Fans

    Thank you. I am proud. I do have concerns, as a father, about injuries. His hamstring is doing very well. Many don't know that he played the season with it and an elbow injury. Post-season surgery corrected the elbow situation. Right now he is taking Yoga and rehabing for the /09 season. Stick with him and his teammates. They need all of the support you folks can give. Go Rams!

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    blood85 Guest

    Re: Remain Faithful, Rams Fans

    I'll drink to that, go rams!!

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    Re: Remain Faithful, Rams Fans

    welcome to the Clanram Aldo,
    as the father of a Rams player..i would advise you dont take to heart what people sometimes say on these kind of boards...some fans see players as expensive robots that should never make mistakes...not the just like us humans who are gifted but nonetheless humans who need help with things just like all of us.

    i for one could tell that we didnt see the real Jacob Bell last year,the injuries were something that i was aware of..but not only that,he did play alongside with all due respect to him (nick leckey) a back up guard trying his best at Centre but not having the skills to be very effective.

    coming from playing alongside Kevin Mawae to playing alongside Nick Lecky is one hell of a drop off in talent...hopefully we will get a more solid unit around jacob next year,a fully healthy Jacob and he will be free to play to his undoubted strengths.

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    Re: Remain Faithful, Rams Fans

    Cannot say that I was around for the Cleveland Rams, but I've been a fan since the age of 5. I think that is around the age that most people even understand what professional sports are, and which teams are which. I Cannot wait for this next year to start, and I am always going to be a fan.

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