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    Re: Remainder Games - Predictions

    I Think we go 10-6 0r 9-7

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    Re: Remainder Games - Predictions

    Quote Originally Posted by LA Rammer View Post
    At New Orleans

    Home vs Chiefs

    Home vs Whiners

    At Seattle

    Experts predicting 8-8, with wins at Seattle and vs Whiners
    (I will give mine after some analyzing)
    Not all experts are predicting that... predicts the Seahawks finish 8-8 with wins against the Falcons and Rams, the Rams finish at 7-9 with it's only remaining win against the Whiners, and the Whiners at 6-10, beating the Cards and Seahawks.

    While I don't think it's a stretch to see it end the way they see it, I really don't see the Seahawks getting a win against Atlanta, even if it is in Seattle. Their best chances for two wins is this week against the Whiners and the finale at home against the Rams.

    The Rams WILL need to upset at least one of their remaining opponents to get in. When I say upset, I mean a team that will be favored to win by virtue of the point spread.

    Whiners need to sweep their three division games, and I don't think they have that in them.

    I'm not feelin' good about the Rams chances right now with all the injuries popping up. Their backfield, which is "ok" when healthy, is banged up pretty good. Most are either limping through practice or skipping it all together.

    It is still VERY possible (and really, I think, the most likely scenario but not one that I've seen posted here) that both the Rams and Seahawks finish the season @ 7-9. If so, the Seahawks take the division with a better division record against the Rams 4-2 vs. 3-3. I say this because, using the fav vs. dog thinking, the Seahawks will probably only be favored in one of their four remaining games, same as the Rams.

    This is maddening. Enough predicting. Let's see how it all plays out. Even if the Rams don't make it in, I'm very encouraged at the effort they have given this year.

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    Re: Remainder Games - Predictions

    Why even go here? We were 6-42 the past three year. We have been markedly better then the past three years combined yet we still want to "project" Rams into playoffs.

    We are not playoff caliber andonly are part of the discussion because of the WEAK NFC West. NO is no pushover (at home to say the least), KC is much better on paper and we cannot expect Seattle to roll over for us. i for one would have scoffed at the 7-9 we are looking at after the 1-15 debacle last year. That is where I see us finishing (7-9) and that is light years away then 95% of us thought before we started this year.

    Stranger things have happened but let's get real. Let's all chat after the NO Game.

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    Re: Remainder Games - Predictions

    Quote Originally Posted by macrammer View Post
    That is where I see us finishing (7-9).
    O ye, of little faith...

    It's Jim not Chris

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    Re: Remainder Games - Predictions

    I see us losing to the Saints and Seahawks. The nighners and chiefs games can go either way in my opinion.

    7 and 9 is my prediction. Next year will be ours.

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    Re: Remainder Games - Predictions

    Look the Chiefs are improved but they arent world beaters. They just beat Denver in KC by a 10-6 margin. We were skating over denver with a 23 point lead before playing lousy defense in the fourth quarter. We can beat the Chiefs in the Lou. I think we lose to the Saints beat the Whiners and Chiefs. I think Seattle will lose their next three games though. Sf is decent at home and the Seahawks are dreadful on the road. Atlanta will not overlook Seattle and will take care of them in Seattle.

    The the Seahawks have to travel to Tampa where once again the Hawks are terrible on the road. In 4 of their road losses they have lost by an average of 29.5 points. One of those losses was 17 point loss to the Rams and a drubbing by the Raider and Broncos. The only good road win they have is Chicago. I dont see Seattle winning either of their remaining road games and i see them losing to Atlanta. So while our schedule is tough having the Saints and KC its not impossible.

    Oakland,Denver,Houston and the Colts have all beaten the Chiefs. All four of their losses were on the road. They have only beaten Cleveland and Seattle on the road. KC has only beaten one team that has a winning record. They have won 3 in a row but it was the Cards,Hawks and Broncos. The Rams and Chiefs have both beaten the Cards,Hawks,Broncos, and Chargers. They also have both lost vs the Raiders so I dont see a huge difference between the Rams and Chiefs other then the Chiefs having 2 more wins.

    The Rams are a very young team just learning how to win and I think all of you would agree had this team known how to win we could have easily beaten the Cards,Raiders,Niners and Bucs whom the Rams had on the ropes late in games. Sure the Rams are 6-6 but you cant sit here and tell me the AFC west is that much better. So as some have said if the Rams have just benefitted from playing in the weak NFC west then havnt the Chiefs benefitted from playing in the weak AFC west? KC has played no one nearly as good as Atlanta whom we were a shovel pass away from coming within 2 points of a few weeks back. The one winning team the Chiefs beat were the Jags whom I think the Rams can beat and dont think they are very good.

    Even Steve Young and Kurt Warner said they think the Rams play the most consistant football in the NFC west. They both said the Rams play hard every week and rarely get blown out. As long as we are in games we have a shot and we have been in every game except one this year. I think our chances are great to make the playoffs and we will be competitive no matter who we host in that playoff game.
    Aim high Willis, Aim High!

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