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    Remake of the movie Groundhog day

    No Bill Murray will not be in Groundhog Day 2 instead we are casting Pat Shurmur and Spags. I wish they could keep waking up and re-doing it untill they get it right. So far they have done the exact same thing in 3 road games.

    I feel like every Sunday the Rams play on the road is just like the last Sunday the Rams played on the road. Get the lead and try not to lose. How about we get the lead and try to step on their throats. I would rather lose by making a mistake rather then lose trying not to do anything risky and allowing the other team to stay in the game. We were up 7 and blocked a punt and moved the ball zero yards how pathetic.

    I don't know why this keeps happening but trends are trends and this team is doing it in every road game. This team could easily be 7-2 but this trend of trying to hold on to a lead with the entire 4th quarter or entire second half left to play is well exactly what we do every road game aside from Detroit.

    I have always been of the opinion we are only about a 6 win team this year but I feel we could win more because our division stinks. I feel like the coaching staff holds this team back. They say they are gonna get more aggressive so they run a flea flicker? By the way the play fooled no one our wr was triple covered. If Pat SHurmer thinks that was coming out in the second half and being aggressive then he seriousley needs to re-evaluate the word risk.

    Hopefully two Sundays from now I won't be waking up the next morning like I just relived the exact same day again.

    Aim high Willis, Aim High!

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    Re: Remake of the movie Groundhog day

    I said exactly this in another thread with almost the same wording. Come on man. Get original.

    I place this loss on the Coaches. Sure, players made mistakes. But ultimately it was the game plan that blew it. imo

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    Re: Remake of the movie Groundhog day

    Gibson.. had to opportunities to get first downs and drain the clock. Instead he tried doing to much and couldn't even get 2 yards after catch... Hes garbage.

    GO RAMS!!

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