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    The reports of Rev. Ike's demise have been greatly exagerated!

    In keeping with the prior thread posted on the board, how about those fans and experts that were telling us at the start of the year that the "aging" isaac bruce had lost a step and was in the twighlight of his career. I believe bruce is actually earning his cap money and who knows where we would be without him. He is a true representative of the organization on and off the field and again, i will be in canton with my daughters the weekend he is inducted. May not be the first year of eligibility, but i think that he has a few more productive years in him and by the time he is done his stats, let alone his leadership and human qualities, will eliminate any doubt at all in the minds of the voters.


    ramming speed to all

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    Re: The reports of Rev. Ike's demise have been greatly exagerated!

    Touche GC, but next time get your own quote! LOL

    By the way, I agree with you 100%. Issac Bruce, like Marshall Faulk has plenty of juice left and both will continue to make the Rams a better team.

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