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    Review for the game tonight!

    The Rams have their first game tonight against the Indianapolis Colts. We are all ready to roll and see some Rams football again. Here are some things to look out for on the Rams part :

    How will Cadillac Williams and Jerious Norwood perform? Steven Jackson may not even dress, and if he does he wont touch the ball more than 3 times. We need to see Cadillac and Norwood perform. I think they will. I'd love to see a 15 carry performance from Williams. I also want to see Norwood get the ball in space and return kicks. Keith Toston will be out there too trying to save his spot on this team.

    Watch for rookie tight end Lance Kendricks. He will be moving around a lot tonight. He is extremely smart and talented. Look for him to continue to impress fans. He has been exploding at camp so far. I want to see him catch many footballs.

    The WR competition is still crowded. Some people are going to set themselves apart tonight and some aren't. I fully expect Sims-Walker to show us why we went after him in free agency. I dont want to see Amendola out there because were all aware of what he can do. I want to see Brandon Gibson play hard and continue to impress like he has in camp. Donnie Avery wont be out there and it isn't looking good for him. Greg Salas wont be out there tonight either. Austin Pettis should see some action and hopefully he can make some nice plays. Danario Alexander has to show us why we keep him despite his serious injury problems. I expect to see somebody set themselves apart from this group tonight.

    How will the cornerback depth play? Mikail Baker, Al Harris, Ron Bartell, Marquis Johnson and Jerome Murphy wont be able to play tonight. That leaves plenty of opportunities for guys like Justin King, Dionte Dinkins, and even Jonathon Nelson. Will they step up and perform? I expect to see Justin King have a solid game, because when healthy, he is a good nickel corner.

    Also keep an eye out for the linebacker corps. A lot of new faces there and many opportunities. Some of these guys wont be around when week 1 comes around, so they have to maximize all their opportunities. Ben Leber wont be playing and neither will James Laurinaitis. Na'ill Diggs has to show that hes still got it. Josh Hull is coming back from season ending injury and will showcase why he should stay here and be the main backup to starting MLB James Laurinaitis. Zac Diles I expect to have a nice game. He is one of the guys we snatched up in free agency. Brady Poppinga will also be out there. He has to impress on special teams.

    Look out for the backup QB spot. A.J Feeley has struggled in camp which is no surprise. Thaddeus Lewis and Taylor Potts have chances here to get themselves on the 53. Last pre season I thought Thad Lewis did excellent. I think he will eventually be on the 53.

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    Re: Review for the game tonight!

    Quote Originally Posted by sosa39rams View Post
    I dont want to see Amendola out there because were all aware of what he can do.
    I doubt you'll get your wish. Danny is Sam's security blanket and I'd guess J-Mac won't leave Sam without him too often - particularly in the first preseason game .. I'm with you on Gibson, hopefully he'll pick up it up a notch and hang on to the ball. The reports on his play in camp have been mostly favorable so far.

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    Re: Review for the game tonight!

    I'll be watching one thing in particular. Protection for Bradford. Please keep him upright O line.

    I watched the whiners game and Alex Smith just about got destroyed.

    ..not that it would have been a bad thing.

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    Re: Review for the game tonight!

    Wish I could watch, not on in new orleans

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    Re: Review for the game tonight!

    berg...there is still the re-play on the NFL network to catch up with the game. I like re-watching all the NFC west games to get a feeling how the Rams may do this season...still digesting th lates Rams outing and have to watch the 49Whinners game yet. Thus far with the Cards and Hawks... Woe to be a Cards fan, and sadly the Hawks look like they have some promise, great offensive line disciple even with there 3rd string. But I never put much stock in preseason game 1 or 4. Games 2 and 3 are more telling especially game 3.

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